2012 Breygent Dexter Season 4 Trading Cards

2012 Breygent Dexter Season 4 Trading Cards


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2012 Breygent Dexter Season 4 changes up the format from the show's first two sets. Shifting from a traditional by-the-pack product to a premium box set, collectors can still look forward to lots of hits and inserts.

Every 2012 Breygent Dexter Season 4 premium box set comes with a full 72-card base set, nine total inserts and two total costume and prop cards. Random sets also come with a bonus autograph.

The main focus of the base set is to recap the fourth season story arc. It was one of the show's most chilling. That's saying a lot for a show about a serial killer who murders serial killers. A huge part of the season's success was the dark, Emmy Award-winning performance by John Lithgow as the notorious Trinity Killer.

The hits in every box set of 2012 Breygent Dexter Season 4 are led by a pair of Costume and Prop Cards. There are 17 total Costume Cards from several of the show's characters that were worn during the film of the show. These are complimented by eight different Prop Cards.

Autographs are a bonus hit, falling four per 15-box case. The autograph checklist has just four signers, but all are significant to the show: Michael C. Hall, John Lithgow, Desmond Harrington and Courtney Ford. Autographs are inserted in addition to everything else that's promised. They are an extra card.

Every box set also has nine inserts from three different foil-based sets. Collectors get three cards from each of the following: Dexter's Justice M.O., Trinity's Kill M.O. and Locations.

For every ten cases, dealers receive a loaded master box set that comes with every card in the set, including inserts. These master sets also include a sketch card from Tim Shay and Trev Murphy. This is the only place sketch cards are found.

Sold separately, an album comes with two exclusive promo cards.

Product Configuration: 83-Card Box Set
Price Point: Low-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Dexter Fans, Entertainment Card Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Sketch Card Collectors, Set Builders, TV Memorabilia Collectors

2012 Breygent Dexter Season 4 Box Set Break

  • 2 Costume or Prop Cards
  • 9 Inserts
  • 72-Card Base Set
  • 83 Total Cards

Card Gallery:

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Dexter Season 4 - D4-C JMY Jonah Mitchell "T-Shirt" Costume Card
2313716837464040 1 Image
Dexter Season 4 - D4-P WH "4 Walls 1 Heart Flyer" Prop Card
3711745544864040 1 Image
Dexter Season 4 - D4-C CHP Christine Hill "Dress" Costume Card
3711745571184040 1 Image
Dexter Season 4 - D4-C W5 "Four Walls T-Shirt" Costume Card
3711745571704040 1 Image
Dexter Season 4 - D4-C AMV Arthur Mitchell "Shirt" Costume Card
3711745619504040 1 Image
Dexter Season 4 - D4-C CHT Christine Hill "T-Shirt" Costume Card
2313724477254040 1 Image
Dexter Season 4 - D4-ADH Desmond Harrington "Joey Quinn" Auto Autograph Card
2313724477774040 1 Image
Dexter Season 4 - D4-P AB "Miami Metro Archive Box" Prop Card
3711752375954040 1 Image
Dexter Season 4 - San Diego Comic Con D-P SH Silicone Head Prop Card #133 of 299
3711752376154040 1 Image
Dexter Season 4 - D4-C CHR Dress Worn by Christine Hill Costume Card
3711752376234040 1 Image
Dexter Season 4 - D4-ACF Courtney Ford "Christine Hill" Auto Autograph Card
3711752376424040 1 Image
Dexter Season 4 - D4-C MLR Dress Worn by Lt. Maria Laguerta Costume Card
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