2012-13 Leaf Metal Basketball Cards

2012-13 Leaf Metal Basketball Cards


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2012-13 Leaf Metal Basketball proves once again that chromium and hoops go hand-in-hand. The set sees Leaf shift to a pack format, each of which delivers both an autograph and an insert.

Autographs include a mix of current players and past stars, many of whom haven't signed in several years. 2012-13 Leaf Metal Basketball marks the first chromium Damian Lillard autographs. Another standout is Patrick Ewing, who hasn't signed cards since the early part of the millennium. Ewing has autographed jumbo patch cards, all of which are signed on-card. Other signers for the set who haven't been seen a lot in recent years include Shaquille O'Neal and John Stockton. Nick co-founder, Phil Knight, appears on his first autograph card.

Besides regular autographs, there are a few other signed sets. Nicknames Autographs use a horizontal design and a nickname headline in the background. Induction Autographs highlight the year the signer was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Collectors can also look for Faces of the Game Autographs.

Inserts are led by Hoop Matrix, a new style of card that combines etching and Refractors.

2012-13 Leaf Metal Basketball autographs and inserts have multiple levels of colored parallels.

Product Configuration: 5 packs per box, 2 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Basketball Card
Target Audience: Autograph Collectors, Chromium Card Collectors

2012-13 Leaf Metal Basketball Box Break

  • 5 Autographs
  • 5 Inserts
  • 10 Total Cards

Card Gallery:

ebaysmalllogo Image
1913218881974040 1 Image
1211804010744040 1 Image
1713356615094040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Metal Basketball Prismatic Prizm Refractor Auto Chet Walker 09 50
1311711157764040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Metal Basketball James Worthy On Card Autograph Card # BA-JW1
2716023187124040 1 Image
3711396542134040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Metal Inductions Prismatic BLUE Chris Mullin 12 25 AUTO Warriors HOF
1111743835074040 1 Image
3215202291014040 1 Image
George Gervin 2012-13 Leaf Metal Auto Autograph Card 2 10
3809962616564040 1 Image
3110866313034040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Metal BAILEY HOWELL #50 50 SP Autograph 1 1 Last One
3610327290814040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Metal Basketball Prismatic Refractor Autograph Auto Bill Walton 50
4007724385184040 1 Image
2012-13 Billie Moore Leaf Metal Holo Green Refractor Auto Autograph 4 10
3313168229154040 1 Image
BGS 9 MINT 10 2012 13 Leaf Metal Holo Unsung Heroes AUTO Shawn Kemp #d 46 50
2215441486294040 1 Image
2013 Leaf Metal Inductions GREEN REFRACTOR AUTO Bill Walton TRAILBLAZERS # 8 10
3511690834724040 1 Image
2012-13 Leaf Metal Toni Kukoc Autograph
2912426971114040 1 Image
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Set Checklist

2012-13 Leaf Metal Basketball Checklist

1960 Leaf Checklist

11 cards. #3 does not exist.

PARALLEL CARDS: Green #/25, Blue #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1

1 Bill Russell
2 Bradley Beal
4 Damian Lillard
5 Dion Waiters
6 Gary Payton
7 Larry Bird
8 Magic Johnson
9 Moe Harkless
10 Ricky Rubio
11 Shaquille O'Neal
12 Tyler Zeller
2012 13 Leaf Metal Basketball 1960 Base 212x300 Image

Base Autograph Checklist

76 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Holo #/50, Holo Blue #/25, Holo Green #/10, Holo Red #/5, Gold 1/1

BA-AD2 Adrian Dantley
BA-AD3 Anne Donovan
BA-AG1 Artis Gilmore
BA-AM3 Ann Meyers
BA-BA1 B.J. Armstrong
BA-BC1 Bob Cousy
BA-BH1 Bailey Howell
BA-BH2 Bob Houbregs
BA-BK1 Bobby Knight
BA-BM1 Billie Moore
BA-BM1 Bob McAdoo
BA-BR1 Bill Russell
BA-BW1 Bill Walton
BA-CB1 Carol Blazejowski
BA-CH1 Cliff Hagan
BA-CL2 Clyde Lovellette
BA-CM1 Chris Mullin
BA-CO1 Charles Oakley
BA-CW1 Chet Walker
BA-CW2 Charlie Ward
BA-DB1 Dave Bing
BA-DC1 Denny Crum
BA-DD1 Darryl Dawkins
BA-DI1 Dan Issel
BA-DL1 Damian Lillard
BA-DN1 Don Nelson
BA-DR2 Dennis Rodman
BA-DR3 David Robinson
BA-DS1 Dolph Schayes
BA-DW1 Dominique Wilkins
BA-EH1 Elvin Hayes
BA-EL1 Earl Lloyd
BA-GA1 Geno Auriemma
BA-GG1 George Gervin
BA-GG2 Gail Goodrich
BA-HG1 Hal Greer
BA-HG3 Horace Grant
BA-JC2 Joan Crawford
BA-JC3 Jody Conradt
BA-JC4 John Chaney
BA-JH2 John Havlicek
BA-JS2 John Salley
BA-JS4 John Stockton
BA-JW1 James Worthy
BA-JW2 Jamaal Wilkes
BA-KA1 Kenny Anderson
BA-KM1 Karl Malone
BA-LB1 Larry Bird
BA-LB2 Leon Barmore
BA-LC1 Lou Carnesecca
BA-LJ1 Larry Johnson
BA-LO1 Lute Olson
BA-LW1 Lenny Wilkens
BA-LW1 Lynette Woodard
BA-MD3 Mel Daniels
BA-MH1 Marques Haynes
BA-MJ1 Magic Johnson
BA-NA1 Nate Archibald
BA-OB1 Otis Birdsong
BA-PK1 Phil Knight
BA-PR1 Pat Riley
BA-RB1 Ricky Barry
BA-RH1 Robert Horry
BA-RP1 Robert Parish
BA-RR1 Ricky Rubio
BA-RW2 Roy Williams
BA-SK1 Shawn Kemp
BA-SJ1 Sam Jones
BA-SO1 Shaquille O'Neal
BA-SS1 Sheryl Swoopes
BA-SW1 Spud Webb
BA-SP1 Scottie Pippen
BA-TH2 Tom Heinsohn
BA-TK1 Tonu Kukoc
BA-VC1 Van Chancellor
BA-XM1 Mavier McDaniel
2012 13 Leaf Metal Basketball Autograph 213x300 Image

Faces of the Game Autographs Checklist

16 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Holo #/50, Holo Blue #/25, Holo Green #/10, Holo Red #/5, Gold 1/1

FG-BR1 Bill Russell
FG-CM1 Chris Mullin
FG-DL1 Damian Lillard
FG-DR1 David Robinson
FG-DR2 Dennis Rodman
FG-GG1 George Gervin
FG-JS4 John Stockton
FG-KM1 Karl Malone
FG-LB1 Larry Bird
FG-MJ1 Magic Johnson
FG-RR1 Ricky Rubio
FG-SJ1 Sam Jones
FG-SK1 Shawn Kemp
FG-SO1 Shaquille O'Neal
FG-SP1 Scottie Pippen
FG-SS1 Sheryl Swoopes
2012 13 Leaf Metal Basketball Faces of the Game Blue 216x300 Image

Game-Worn Patch Auto Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/99, Orange #/20, Red #/5, Gold 1/1

PE-2 Patrick Ewing
2012 13 Leaf Metal Basketball Patch Auto Patrick Ewing 213x300 Image

Hoop Matrix Checklist

25 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Green #/99, Pink #/25, Orange 1/1

HM-BB1 Bradley Beal
HM-BC1 Bob Cousey
HM-BR1 Bill Russell
HM-DL1 Damian Lillard
HM-DL2 Damian Lillard
HM-DL3 Damian Lillard
HM-DR1 David Robinson
HM-DR2 Dennis Rodman
HM-DW1 Dion Waiters
HM-GP1 Gary Payton
HM-JH1 John Havlicek
HM-JL1 Jeremy Lamb
HM-JS1 John Stockton
HM-KM1 Karl Malone
HM-KM2 Kendall Marshall
HM-LB1 Larry Bird
HM-MH1 Moe Harkless
HM-MJ1 Magic Johnson
HM-PR1 Pat Riley
HM-RR1 Ricky Rubio
HM-SK1 Shawn Kemp
HM-SO1 Shaquille O'Neal
HM-SP1 Scottie Pippen
HM-TR1 Terrence Ross
HM-TZ1 Tyler Zeller
2012 13 Leaf Metal Hoop Matrix Damian Lillard 222x300 Image

Inductions Autographs Checklist

16 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Holo #/50, Holo Blue #/25, Holo Green #/10, Holo Red #/5, Gold 1/1

I-BH1 Bailey Howell
I-BR1 Bill Russell
I-BW1 Bill Walton
I-SM1 Chris Mullin
I-DI1 Dan Issel
I-DR1 David Robinson
I-DW1 Dominique Wilkins
I-GG2 Gail Goodrich
I-JW1 James Worthy
I-KM1 Karl Malone
I-LB1 Larry Bird
I-MH1 Marques Haynes
I-MJ1 Magic Johnson
I-RB1 Ricky Barry
I-SJ1 Sam Jones
I-SP1 Scottie Pippen
2012 13 Leaf Metal Basketball Inductions Blue 217x300 Image

Nicknames Autographs Checklist

6 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Holo #/50, Holo Blue #/25, Holo Green #/10, Holo Red #/5, Gold 1/1

NN-DR1 David Robinson
NN-DR2 Dennis Rodman
NN-DW1 Dominique Wilkins
NN-KM1 Karl Malone
NN-LB1 Larry Bird
NN-LJ1 Larry Johnson
2012 13 Leaf Metal Basketball Nicknames Autograph 260x187 Image

Unsung Heroes Autographs Checklist

7 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Holo #/50, Holo Blue #/25, Holo Green #/10, Holo Red #/5, Gold 1/1

UH-BA1 B.J. Armstrong
UH-DD1 Daryl Dawkins
UH-KA1 Kenny Anderson
UH-LJ1 Larry Johnson
UH-RH1 Robert Horry
UH-SK1 Shawn Kemp
UH-TK1 Toni Kukoc
2012 13 Leaf Metal Basketball Unsung Heroes Autograph 213x300 Image

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Ryan's collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection. Ryan can be found on Twitter @tradercracks and Google+.

User Reviews

  1. Why can’t they have the team logos and names showing on the jerseys?

  2. Because they don’t have the licensing rights to do so. The NBA has an exclusive license with Panini and Upper Deck has the exclusive NCAA license. The team logos / names cannot be used on any type of product (whether it be trading cards or coffee mugs) without purchasing the licensing rights to do so.

    Baseball is a bit trickier. MLB has granted Topps exclusive licensing rights. However, Panini and Upper Deck both have worked out licensing agreements with the MLB Players Association. This allows them to feature MLB players on their cards (as long as they are current members of the MLBPA), using their names and likenesses, however they are not allowed to portray any team names, logos, uniforms or jerseys as those rights belong to the league rather then the players.

  3. Great selection of players, on card autos and several low numbered parallels in each box.

  4. Panini and Upper Deck plus Leaf are destroying card collecting market. Imagine Panini MLB Prizm with MLB team logos; imagine having the chances of pulling Kobe, Durant, LeBron, Jordan, Lillard, Rose, etc out of one single hobby box? Imagine Jordan, Pippen with Bulls logos on all cards from all brands, Leaf, UD, Panini profit will multiply 300% while sharing the licensing fees among them instead of paying all by one company. They are destroying our collectors’ dreams. They price their products way too high due to exclusive signing deals; which is dumb dumb dumb. I wish all collectors can write to them!

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