2010 Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Bowman Draft Prospect Autograph Rankings

2010 Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Bowman Draft Prospect Autograph Rankings

Due to the confusing nature of Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs, we put together three lists that show which prospect autos come out of which 2010 Bowman products (2010 Bowman, 2010 Bowman Chrome, 2010 Bowman Draft Picks &  Prospects). In addition, each prospect auto is listed from first to worst based on current value, potential value, collector appeal, age, stats, potential, on field performance and numerous other hobby factors.

2010B Image

  1. SCASTROBAU Image Starlin Castro, 20, SS, Cubs (BCP100) Image
  2. Dustin Ackley, 22, 2B/OF, Seattle Mariners (BCP89) Image
  3. Wil Myers, 20, C, Kansas City Royals (BCP117) Image
  4. Grant Green, 23, SS, Oakland A's (BCP106) Image
  5. Nick Franklin, 19, SS, Seattle Mariners (BCP103) Image
  6. Julio Teheran, 19, SP, Atlanta Braves (BCP105) Image
  7. Brett Jackson, 22, OF, Chicago Cubs (BCP93) Image
  8. Nolan Arenado, 19, 3B, Colorado Rockies (BCP91) Image
  9. Donavan Tate, 20, OF, San Diego Padres (BCP90) Image
  10. Anthony Rizzo, 21, 1B, San Diego Padres (BCP101) Image
  11. DACKLEY BCAU Image Martin Perez, 19, SP, Texas Rangers (BCP119) Image
  12. Jaff Decker, 20, OF, San Diego Padres (BCP109) Image
  13. Jose Iglesias, 20, SS, Boston Red Sox (BCP108) Image
  14. Anthony Gose, 20, OF, Toronto Blue Jays (BCP104) Image
  15. Slade Heathcott, 20, OF, New York Yankees (BCP95) Image
  16. Kirk Nieuwenhuis, 23, OF, New York Mets (BCP116) Image
  17. Thomas Neal, 23, OF, San Francisco Giants (BCP99) Image
  18. James Darnell, 23, 3B, San Diego Padres (BCP115) Image
  19. Jefry Marte, 19, 3B, New York Mets (BCP112) Image
  20. D.J. LeMahieu, 22, 2B, Chicago Cubs (BCP110) Image
  21. Alexia Amarista, 21, 2B/SS, Los Angeles Angels (BCP98) Image
  22. J.R. Murphy, 19, C, New York Yankees (BCP96) Image
  23. David Lough, 24, OF, Kansas City Royals (BCP107) Image
  24. Bryan Mitchell, 19, SP, New York Yankees (BCP118) Image
  25. Patrick Schuster, 20, SP, Arizona Diamondbacks (BCP97) Image
  26. Rex Brothers, 23, SP, Colorado Rockies (BCP92) Image
  27. Josh Donaldson, 25, C, Oakland A's (BCP113) Image
  28. Chad Jenkins, 23, SP, Toronto Blue Jays (BCP94) Image
  29. Steven Hensley, 24, SP, Seattle Mariners (BCP114) Image
  30. Craig Clark, 26, SP, San Francisco Giants (BCP111) Image

2010BOWMANC Image

  1. MSANOBCAU Image Miguel Sano, 17, 3B/SS, Minnesota Twins (BCP205) Image
  2. Gary Sanchez, 18, C, New York Yankees (BCP207) Image
  3. Aroldis Chapman, 22, SP/RP, Cincinnati Reds (BCP199) Image
  4. Shelby Miller, 20, SP, St. Louis Cardinals (BCP204) Image
  5. Matt Davidson, 19, 3B/OF/DH, Arizona Diamondbacks (BCP210) Image
  6. Francisco Peguero, 22, OF, San Francisco Giants (BCP189) Image
  7. Kyle Gibson, 23, SP, Minnesota Twins (BCP202) Image
  8. Adeinis Hechavarria, 21, SS, Toronto Blue Jays (BCP198) Image
  9. Wilin Rosario, 21, C, Colorado Rockies (BCP192) Image
  10. Jason Kipnis, 23, 2B, Cleveland Indians (BCP196) Image
  11. Simon Castro, 22, SP, San Diego Padres (BCP215) Image
  12. GS BCAU Image Eury Perez, 20, OF, Washington Nationals (BCP185) Image
  13. Daniel Fields, 19, 2B/OF, Detroit Tigers (BCP218) Image
  14. Arodys Vizcaino, 20, P, Atlanta Braves (BCP211) Image
  15. Max Kepler, 17, OF, Minnesota Twins (BCP203) Image
  16. Marc Krauss, 23, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks (BCP221) Image
  17. Alex Liddi, 22, 3B, Toronto Blue Jays (BCP182) Image
  18. Trayce Thompson, 19, OF, Chicago White Sox (BCP214) Image
  19. Scooter Gennett, 20, 2B, Milwaukee Brewers (BCP206) Image
  20. Tyler Chatwood, 21, SP, Los Angeles Angels (BCP188) Image
  21. Kyle Seager, 23, INF, Seattle Mariners (BCP195) Image
  22. Carlos Peguero, 23, OF, Seattle Mariners (BCP187) Image
  23. MDAVIDSON BCAU Image Ehire Adrianza, 21, SS, San Francisco Giants (BCP201) Image
  24. Ozzie Martinez, 22, SS, Florida Marlins (BCP184) Image
  25. Everett Williams, 20, OF, San Diego Padres (BCP200) Image
  26. Juan Urbina, 17, P, New York Mets (BCP220) Image
  27. Ryan Wheeler, 22, 3B, Arizona Diamondbacks (BCP222) Image
  28. Pedro Baez, 22, 3B, Los Angeles Dodgers (BCP190) Image
  29. Liam Hendriks, 21, P, Minnesota Twins (BCP183) Image
  30. Corban Joseph, 22, 2B, New York Yankees (BCP216) Image
  31. Jhan Martinez, 22, P, Florida Marlins (BCP186) Image
  32. Robinson Chirinos, 26, C, Chicago Cubs (BCP213) Image
  33. Graham Stoneburner, 23, P, New York Yankees (BCP208) Image
  34. Jeurys Familia, 21, P, New York Mets (BCP197) Image
  35. Trevor Reckling, 21, P, Los Angeles Angels (BCP194) Image
  36. Wilkin Ramirez, 25, OF, Atlanta Braves (BCP191) Image
  37. Noel Arguelles, 20, SP, Kansas City Royals (BCP217) Image
  38. Dan Tuttle, 20, P, Cincinnati Reds (BCP193) Image
  39. Anthony Bass, 23, P, San Diego Padres (BCP212) Image
  40. T.J. McFarland, 21, P, Cleveland Indians (BCP181) Image

2010BOWMANDR Image

  1. MMAC BCAU Image Manny Machado, 18, SS, Baltimore Orioles (BDPP81) Image
  2. Jameson Taillon, 19, SP, Pittsburgh Pirates (BDPP79) Image
  3. Zack Cox, 21, 3B, St. Louis Cardinals (BDPP62) Image
  4. Michael Choice, 21, OF, Oakland A's (BDPP61) Image
  5. Bryce Brentz, 22, OF, Boston Red Sox (BDPP63) Image
  6. Delino DeShields Jr, 18, 2B/OF, Houston Astros (BDPP83) Image
  7. Christian Colon, 21, SS, Kansas City Royals (BDPP81) Image
  8. Yasmani Grandal, 22, C, Cincinnati Reds (BDPP67) Image
  9. Christian Yelich, 19, 1B/OF, Florida Marlins (BDPP78) Image
  10. Josh Sale, 19, OF, Tampa Bay Rays (BDPP77) Image
  11. Jake Skole, 18, OF, Texas Rangers (BDPP91) Image
  12. JTAILLON BCAUDRS Image Mike Olt, 22, 3B, Texas Rangers (BDPP65) Image
  13. Kaleb Cowart, 18, 2B/3B, Los Angeles Angels (BDPP89) Image
  14. Kolbrin Vitek, 21, 2B/3B, Boston Red Sox (BDPP66) Image
  15. Gary Brown, 22, OF, San Francisco Giants (BDPP70) Image
  16. Drew Pomeranz, 21, SP, Cleveland Indians (BDPP82) Image
  17. Justin O'Conner, 18, C, Tampa Bay Rays (BDPP69) Image
  18. Cito Culver, 18, SS, New York Yankees (BDPP73) Image
  19. Kellin Deglan, 18, C, Texas Rangers (BDPP66) Image
  20. Chris Sale, 21, RP, Chicago White Sox (BDPP92) Image
  21. Chevez Clarke, 19, OF, Los Angeles Angels (BDPP72) Image
  22. Matt Harvey, 21, P, New York Mets (BDPP84) Image
  23. BBRENTZ BCAUA Image Mike Kvasnicka, 22, OF, Houston Astros (BDPP90) Image
  24. Deck McGuire, 21, P, Toronto Blue Jays (BDPP86) Image
  25. Mike Foltynewicz, 19, SP, Houston Astros (BDPP71) Image
  26. Zach Lee, 19, P, Los Angeles Dodgers (BDPP87) Image
  27. Alex Wimmers, 22, SP, Minnesota Twins (BDPP88) Image
  28. Ryan Bolden, 19, OF, Los Angeles Angels (BDPP85) Image
  29. Aaron Sanchez, 18, P, Toronto Blue Jays (BDPP74) Image
  30. Taylor Lindsey, 19, 2B, Los Angeles Angels (BDPP76) Image
  31. Noah Syndergaard, 18, P, Toronto Blue Jays (BDPP75) Image
  32. Chance Ruffin, 22, P, Detroit Tigers (BDPP64) Image

Deepest Prospect Auto Product: 2010 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects (Hands Down)

Overall Best Prospect Autos: Starlin Castro, Dustin Ackley, Wil Myers, Miguel Sano, Gary Sanchez, Manny Machado, Jameson Taillon, Michael Choice, Zack Cox, Grant Green, Aroldis Chapman

Underrated Prospect Autos: Nolan Arenado, Nick Franklin, Grant Green, Delino DeShields Jr, Mike Olt, Matt Davidson, Jaff Decker, Daniel Fields, Christian Yelich, Max Kepler, Michael Choice, Gary Brown

Overrated Prospect Autos: Chris Sale, Drew Pomeranz, Matt Harvey, Alexia Amarista, Jose Iglesias, Alex Wimmers, Pedro Baez, Martin Perez

ebaysmalllogo Image

3708645432994040 1 Image
2010 Bowman Draft Baseball Factory Sealed Hobby Box MACHADO HARVEY AUTOS ???
1312530270034040 1 Image
2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Hobby Box
1906894120664040 1 Image
1715997849904040 1 Image
2010 Bowman Draft picks & prospects Baseball Hobby box Harper, Posey Rc Auto ???
3314006099644040 1 Image
2213487222204040 1 Image
2010 Bowman Draft Picks and & Prospects Baseball Factory Sealed Hobby Box
3803017332984040 1 Image
2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Hobby box
3611373188644040 1 Image
2010 Bowman Draft & Prospects - Sealed Hobby Wax Box - Trout Stanton Harper

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