2009 Football Card of The Year: Brett Favre 112B

2009 Football Card of The Year: Brett Favre 112B

Now that the 2009 Football Card Season has officially come to a close, it's officially time to give out the award to the card of the year. Although the Saints won the Super Bowl, by far the most captivating story of the 2009 NFL season belonged to Brett Favre.

Due to Favre's late signing with Vikings, there wasn't a Brett Favre Vikings card until after the NFL Season had begun. Finest and Upper Deck were the first to hit the market with a Favre Vikings card. Although the 112B and 112C are technically part of the 2009 Upper Deck Football set, they actually came in packs of SPx.

What set the 112B apart from every other Favre Vikings card was that it was super Short Printed and captured on cardboard the press conference in which Brett Favre holds up a #4 Vikings Jersey for the first time. To a Vikings fan, this card became Brett Favre's Rookie Card. The card was also one of the most insanely Short Printed base cards in the history of cards. The card books at $135, but that didn't stop people from paying over $200 in the Secondary Market.

The card is made on First Edition stock, it's flimsy, lacks gloss, but no other card captures the 2009 NFL Season better. All that matters is the picture on the front and the fact that this card was so Short Printed that I've only seen about 5-10 on eBay since it released. As a Vikings fan, I'm just glad I was somehow lucky enough to get one of those 5-10!

The 2009 Football Card of the Year:  2009 Upper Deck #112B Brett Favre SP

112B Image

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3312918867974040 1 Image
2009 Donruss Gridiron Gear #89 Brett Favre SHORTPRINT Minnesota Vikings BV $12
3711077929384040 1 Image
2010 Topps #188 Minnesota Vikings Team Brett Favre Adrian Peterson - NM-MT
3214711927024040 1 Image
2009 SP Signature #104 Brett Favre Vikings - NM-MT
2615144469744040 1 Image
1214119965754040 1 Image
2010 Topps Gold Vikings card #188 w Favre and Peterson
2004838534164040 1 Image
1912844595374040 1 Image
ACEO Rare Jared Allen Favre Vikings ATC ACEO Card only 50
3214954159104040 1 Image
20 Card lot of QB Brett Favre Future HOF Legend no doubles Packers Jets Vikings

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