2007 Topps Transformers Movie Trading Cards

2007 Topps Transformers Movie Trading Cards


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Whether you love them or they give you a headache, Michael Bay's Transformers aren't the same as the ones a lot of us grew up with. 2007 Topps Transformers Movie trading cards attempt to tackle the first film in the live-action franchise with mixed results. While the product boasts one extremely valuable autograph, a lot of the remainder struggles with limitations and lack of overall sizzle.

The 90-card base set covers a lot of aspects of the film, but it doesn't have a ton of depth due to the fact that it was limited in how much of the stories and effects it could show. Subsets include character profiles, a relatively brief story summary, behind-the-scenes shots and looks at individual Transformers. Artwork from tie-in comics and video games are also included.

At just one card, the 2007 Topps Transformers Movie Autographs checklist is brief. But it's the name most collectors would covet -- Megan Fox. The card, which uses a sticker for the signature, is inserted 1:396 hobby packs. Topps' set for the sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, has several autographs including Shia LaBeouf and Peter Cullen, the iconic voice of Optimus Prime. 2013 Breygent Transformers Optimum Collection adds even more signatures.

Other key inserts in 2007 Topps Transformers Movie include sketch cards and Movie Memorabilia. Sketches are, for the most part, basic drawings of the main robots in the movie. The two memorabilia cards have generic swatches from SOCCENT uniforms and pants.

Rounding out the product are three basic insert sets: Foil (ten cards, 1:6 packs), Embossed Foil (ten cards, 1:6 packs) and five retail-exclusive Flix-Pix motion cards.

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TRANSFORMERS THE 1ST MOVIE (Topps 2007) Complete Trading Card Set w MEGAN FOX
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SET: Transformers 1-90 2007
3611533983104040 1 Image
INSERT SET: Transformers 2007 Movie 1 - 10 Foils
3611533983994040 1 Image
INSERT SET: Transformers 2007 Movie 1 - 10 Embossed
1212047201584040 1 Image
Transformers 2007 Memorabilia Soccent Soldier Uniform Pants
1212047204824040 1 Image
Transformers 2007 Memorabilia Soccent Soldier Uniform Jacket
1212253947854040 1 Image
TRANSFORMERS The Movie 2007 Topps Sketch Card 1 1 SKYFALL by ROBBY MUSSO
3511079245054040 1 Image
Transformers the Movie (2007) Trading Card Ad Sheet Folder
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2007 Topps Transformers costume jacket pants 2-card lot
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TRANSFORMERS 3-D BATTLE-CARDS (2007)--Unopened Packs (s) 2-Player Battle^
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1514984423564040 1 Image
Transformers Movie 2007 Embossed Card 6 Jazz
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Transformers Movie 2007 Foil card 2 Optimus Prime
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2007 Topps Transformers Movie Checklist

Base Set Checklist

2007 Topps Transformers Movie Base Card 213x300 Image

1 Optimus Prime
2 Optimus Prime - In His Prime
3 Bumblebee
4 Bumblebee - Sam's Bodyguard
5 Megatron
6 Megatron - The Source of All Evil
7 Barricade
8 Ironhide
9 Jazz
10 Starscream
11 Ratchet
12 Ratchet - A War to End Wars
13 Blackout
14 Blackout - Blackout's Baby
15 Frenzy - is arguably the weirdest of the Decepticon
16 Frenzy - An especially nasty and devious Decepticon
17 Optimus Prime - Autobot Vehicles
18 Bumblebee - Alternate Modes
19 Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky
20 Megan Fox as Mikaela Banes
21 Jon Voight as John Keller
22 Josh Nuhamel as Capt. Lennow
23 Rachael Taylor as Maggie Marconi
24 Anthony Anderson as Glen Whitmann
25 Tyrese Gibson as Staff Sgt. Epps
26 John Turturro as Agent Simmons
27 Kevin Nunn & Julie White as Ron & Judy Witwicky
28 A Chilling Discovery
29 More Than meets the Eye
30 Incident at SOCCENT
31 Attacked by Blackout
32 "Cut the Hard Lines"
33 Just a Teen Named Sam
34 A Global Emergency
35 Desert Trek
36 Mega-Hot Grease Monkey
37 Assault on Qatar
38 Robot on the Rampage
39 "It Won't Go Down!"
40 Rescued
41 A Bot, a Girl and a Robot
42 In Barricade's Clutches
43 Terror from the Stars
44 Transformers on Earth
45 Not the Tooth Fairy
46 Heavy Metal Allies
47 Metal Morphosis
48 On the Road Again
49 A Conference with Keller
50 Destination: Hoover Dam
51 Inside Hoover Dam
52 Alien Metamorphosis
53 Battle of the Giants
54 Against the Decepticons
55 Fearsome Adversary
56 Airborne Menace
57 Our World Under Siege
58 To Defend the Earth
59 Has Sam the Right Stuff?
60 Earth's Final Stand
61 Protecting the Allspark
62 Aftermath
63 Tomorrow's Conflict
64 Filming Frenzy
65 Blood and Sand
66 Hero with a Heart
67 On Location
68 Behemoth on Ice
69 The Weirdest Props Ever
70 Filming a Secret World
71 A Canvas of Conflict
72 The Witwicky Legacy
73 From Above and Behind
74 Titans Unleashed
75 Cybernetic Life-Form
76 Programmed to Kill
77 Robotic Defenders
78 Megatron Transforms...
79 Invading the Skies
80 Terror from On High
81 Above the Stricken City
82 Passing the Allspark
83 The Dream of Optimus Prime
84 Behold...Cybertron!
85 Prequel Cover
86 Robot World
87 Somewhere in Space
88 Killer Instinct
89 Ba-Doom!
90 Checklist

Autograph Checklist Checklist

1 card. Inserted 1:396 hobby packs.

Megan Fox as Mikaela Banes
Megan Fox as Mikaela Barnes Image

Embossed Foil Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:6 packs.

1 Blackout
2 Bumblebee
3 Barricade
4 Frenzy
5 Ironhide
6 Jazz
7 Megatron
8 Optimus Prime
9 Ratchet
10 Starscream
2007 Topps Transformers Movie Embossed Foil Image

Flix-Pix Motion Cards Checklist

5 cards. Inserted 1:12 retail packs.

1 Optimus Prime
2 Megatron
3 Bumblebee
4 Barricade
5 Ratchet
2007 Topps Transformers Movie Flix Pix Image

Foil Cards Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:6 packs.

1 Bumblebee
2 Optimus Prime
3 Ratchet
4 Jazz
5 Ironhide
6 Blackout
7 Barricade
8 Megatron
9 Frenzy
10 Starscream
2007 Topps Transformers Movie Foil Image

Movie Memorabilia Checklist

2 cards. Inserted 1:39 hobby packs.

SOCCENT Soldiers - Jacket
SOCCENT Soldiers - Pants
SOCCENT Soldiers Uniform Pants Image

Sketch Cards Checklist

Sketch cards inserted 1:72 hobby packs.

The following is a list of artists who contributed to the set.

James Bukauskas (Bukshot)
Josh Burcham
Guido Guidi
Pablo Hidalgo
Tom Hodges
Marcel Matere
Alex Milne
Robby Musso
James Orfalo
Juan Carlos Ramos
Nick Roche
Rob Ruffalo
2007 Topps Transformers Movie Sketch Card Image

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