2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 Trading Cards

2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 Trading Cards


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Veronica Mars didn't last long on the air -- just three seasons. But looking to strike at the property before it potentially exploded, Inkworks took a roll of the dice with the show. Several years later 2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 trading cards should certainly appeal to fans but a wider audience as well thanks to some very solid autograph and memorabilia cards.

The base set has 72 cards. Recapping both the main story threads, it's an informative set but not very attractive. Many of the images are blurry and poorly colored. It's good for a quick refresher in case you ever need one, but the graphics look so much better on the show.

The main draw of 2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 is the autographs. Landing one per box, the set as 11 cards. Topping the checklist is the show's star, Kristen Bell, who has gone on to have a very solid career since the show's end. Be warned, though. Her autograph was a redemption. Not only is the set old, but Inkworks went out of business a couple years after the set came out. In a nutshell, you'll have a better chance of having one fall out of the sky than to get an actual Bell signature in a box.

This isn't a one-note set though. At the time, Amanda Seyfried was a relative unknown. Now she's on the cusp of becoming an A-list Hollywood star. Other faces many collectors might recognize even if Veronica Mars is completely foreign include Anthony Anderson, Max Greenfield (The New Girl) and Tina Majorino (Napoleon Dynamite).

Every box of 2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 also comes with a Pieceworks costume card. Many of the wardrobe pieces used to make them are very colorful. This also leads to lots of patterns and variations. While the lead stars are among the most popular, one of the most notable comes from a guest star -- Paris Hilton.

The remainder of the set follows the Inkworks formula. There's a nine-card foil puzzle, which goes by the name Who Killed Lilly Kane, and a six card foil set, Revolving Around Mars. Every box also comes with one of three Triangle box toppers.

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Veronica Mars PW-10 Costume Card Ryan Hansen Dick Casablancas Season 1
1114107277554040 1 Image
Veronica Mars PW-11 Costume Card Jake Kane Season 1
1114111180514040 1 Image
Veronica Mars PW-5 Costume Card Eli "Weevil" Navarro Season 1
1114111184334040 1 Image
Veronica Mars PW-3 Costume Card Wallace Fennel Season 1
1114111187244040 1 Image
Veronica Mars PW-4 Costume Card Duncan Kane Teddy Dunn Season 1
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3110214090614040 1 Image
VERONICA MARS SEASON 1 (Inkworks 2006) Complete Trading Card Set w KRISTEN BELL
1512204180754040 1 Image
NEW Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 Trading Card Binder Album
1114140134844040 1 Image
Veronica Mars Costume Card PW-12 Paris Hilton Season 1
3110189892394040 1 Image
1905448134104040 1 Image
1114148471044040 1 Image
Veronica Mars Who Killed Lilly Kane Card Set W-1 Through W-9 Season 1
1114148504214040 1 Image
Veronica Mars Revolving Card Set R-1 Through R-6 Season 1
1114148612334040 1 Image
Veronica Mars Season 1 One Card Binder With 72 Base Card Set & Large Card List
1713152071914040 1 Image
Veronica Mars season 1 card set
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Veronica Mars Season 1 Complete Trading Card Base Set
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2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Title Card
2 Seeking Justice
3 Busted
4 Surprising
5 Cracked
6 Unexpected
7 Duped
8 Promise
9 Watched
10 Revealed
11 Unambitious
12 Embarrassed
13 The Couple
14 Mistake
15 Purity Test
16 Buried Truth
17 Deprogrammed
18 Better Not Knowing
19 Whodunit
20 Seasons Greetings
21 Don't Move
22 Switched
23 Blame Veronica
24 Unmasked
25 Starcrossed
26 Desperate
27 Punked
28 Stunned
29 Secret Crush
30 Dance Night
31 Polly Gone
32 Investment
33 One Up
34 More Evidence
35 Shocking
36 Who Knew
37 Same Spots
38 Protective
39 Revenge
40 Waiting
41 Drugged
42 Outed
43 Hidden
44 Bravado
45 Terrorized
46 Logan Echolls and Duncan Kane
47 Dick and Beaver Casablancas
48 Madison Sinclair
49 Meg Manning
50 Wallace Fennel
51 Eli "Weevil" Narvarro
52 Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie
53 Yolanda Hamilton
54 Veronica Mars
55 Jake and Celeste Kane
56 Lianne Mars
57 The Echolls Family
58 Lynn Echolls
59 Trina Echolls
60 Alicia Fennel and Keith Mars
61 Haunted
62 Warning
63 Remember Me
64 Disguise
65 Internet
66 Location
67 Surveillance
68 Tools
69 The Planner
70 The Fall Guy
71 The Beneficiary
72 Checklist
2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 Base Card Image

Autographs Checklist

11 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs.
2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 Autographs A 1 Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars 260x183 Image

Pieceworks Checklist

12 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs.
2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 Pieceworks PW6 Amanda Seyfried 260x183 Image

PW-1 T-shirt worn by Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars
PW-2 Shirt worn by Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls
PW-3 Shirt worn by Percy Daggs III as Wallace Fennel
PW-4 Jacket worn by Teddy Dunn as Duncan Kane
PW-5 Shirt worn by Francis Capra as Eli "Weevil" Navarro
PW-6 Prom dress worn by Amanda Seyfried as Lilly Kane
PW-7 Shirt worn by Harry Hamlin as Aaron Echolls
PW-8 Skirt worn by Lisa Rinna as Lynn Echolls
PW-9 Shirt worn by Alona Tal as Meg Manning
PW-10 Shirt worn by Ryan Hansen as Dick Casablancas
PW-11 Shirt worn by Kyle Secor as Jake Kane
PW-12 Skirt worn by Paris Hilton as Caitlin Ford

Revolving Around Mars Checklist

6 cards. Inserted 1:17 packs.

R1 Logan Echolls
R2 Duncan Kane
R3 Keith Mars
R4 Leo D'Amato
R5 Wallace Fennel
R6 Weevil Navarro
2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 Revolving Around Mars Image

Who Killed Lilly Kane Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:11 packs.

Uncut sheet sold separately (#/199).

W1 Victim: Lilly Kane
W2 Suspect: Duncan Kane
W3 Suspect: Eli "Weevil" Navarro
W4 Suspect: Jake Kane
W5 Suspect: Celeste Kane
W6 Suspect: Clarence Wiedman
W7 Suspect: Logan Echolls
W8 Suspect: Aaron Echolls
W9 Suspect: Abel Koontz
2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 Who Killy Lilly Kane Image

Triangle Box Loader Checklist

3 cards. Inserted one per box.

BL-1 Veronica + Duncan
BL-2 Veronica + Logan
BL-3 Veronica
2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 Triangle Box Loader Image

Case Topper Checklist

2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 Case Loader CL1 260x183 Image

CL-1 Best Friends

Promo Card Checklist

P-i Internet-exclusive
P-SD San Diego Comic Con
2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season 1 P1 Image

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