2006 Inkworks Supernatural Season 1 Trading Cards

2006 Inkworks Supernatural Season 1 Trading Cards


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Usually, modern entertainment sets are led by a couple of hot cards and much of the rest  of the product goes into clearance bins. This is especially true when it comes to base sets. 2006 Inkworks Supernatural Season 1 is a major exception. Gobbled up by the show's dedicated fans shortly after release, supply has largely dried up in the years since. The result is one of the top sets of the new millennium on this side of the hobby.

The 2006 Inkworks Supernatural Season 1 base set has 90 cards. While most of it is dedicated to summarizing the first group of episodes, there are some small subsets that look at things like deceased characters and weapons. Unlike a lot of entertainment base sets that sell for $5 or less, prices on this set are very strong. Expect to pay four to five times what you might usually.

Leading the inserts are autographs. Inserted one per box, supply on many of the top signers has become somewhat lean. Headlining the list are Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen Ackles (Dean).

2006 Inkworks Supernatural Season 1 Autograph

Other signers include Julie Benz and Amy Acker, both of whom also have Autographed Pieceworks cards that come with an added costume swatch.

Regular Pieceworks cards are also included as a box hit in 2006 Inkworks Supernatural Season 1. Besides 12 in the main set, two exclusives were made as dealer incentives and not inserted in packs.

The basic inserts follow the Inkworks pattern that was common in most of the company's sets. There's a six-card set titled Dead End and a nine-card foil puzzle called Searching. Each box also has one Three Hunters box topper. Sealed cases have a Crash foil card.

It is worth noting that like the rest of the product, the set's custom binder has become very coveted and commands a premium over a lot of other entertainment binders.

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Supernatural Trading Card "Searching" Foil Puzzle Set S-1 9 Season One

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Inkworks Supernatural Season 1 Complete 90 Card Base Set

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Supernatural Season One SN-T Trade Show Promo Card

2006 Inkworks Supernatural (Season 1) Auto Autograph Amy Acker

Supernatural Season 1 autograph card A-7 Kevin McNulty - Rev. Roy Le Grange
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2006 Inkworks Supernatural Season 1 Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Title Card
2 Woman in White
3 Not Again
4 Missing Camper
5 Hidden
6 Torched
7 Witness
8 Tub Terror
9 Saved
10 Demon Message
11 In-Flight Feature
12 Grateful
13 Vengeful
14 Guilty
15 Forgiven
16 Killer
17 Shapeshifter
18 End of the Line
19 Dem Bones
20 Gift
21 Destroyed
22 Overrun
23 Skull
24 Fired Up
25 Agressor
26 Protector
27 Ramblin' Man
28 Brainwashed
29 Sibling Rivalry
30 Exit
31 Expert
32 Captives
33 Bad to the Bone
34 Blown Away
35 Fear the Reaper
36 Miracles
37 Phantom Truck
38 Cassie's Plea
39 Hallowed Ground
40 These Dreams
41 Payback
42 Finale
43 Captured
44 People
45 Justice
46 Meg's Doom
47 Trap
48 Farewell
49 Ghost Hunters
50 Axe Man
51 Deleted
52 Watch Out
53 Old Business
54 Innocence Lost
55 Enduring
56 Clues
57 Dolly
58 Teeth
59 Friction
60 One Less Bullet
61 Halted
62 Saved
63 Lost
64 Exorcism
65 Possessed
66 Sam's Choice
67 Fire
68 Holy Water
69 Knives
70 Crossbow
71 Guns
72 Classic Car
73 U.S. Wildlife Agents
74 Priests
75 Alarm Technicians
76 Mary Winchester
77 Jessica Moore
78 Haley Collins
79 Meg Masters
80 Cassie Robinson
81 Sarah Blake
82 Coordinates
83 Wendigo
84 Picture of Home
85 First Page
86 Frequently Illegible
87 Another Lead
88 A Special Weapon
89 Replica
90 Checklist
2006 Inkworks Supernatural Season 1 Base

Autographs Checklist

8 cards. Inserted 1:36 packs.

A-6 and A-7 distributed via redemption.

A-1 Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
A-2 Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
A-3 Amy Acker as Andrea Barr
A-4 Julie Benz as Layla Rourke
A-5 Dan Butler as Rev. Sorenson
A-6 Marnette Patterson as Charlie
A-7 Kevin McNulty as Rev. Roy Le Grange
A-8 Jovanna Huguet as Bloody Mary
AR-1 Autograph Redemption Card

Dead End Checklist

6 cards. Inserted 1:17 packs.

D-1 Unexplained
D-2 Bad Company
D-3 Sandman
D-4 The Demon
D-5 Dean's Trial
D-6 Sam's Choice

Pieceworks Checklist

12 cards. Inserted 1:36 packs.

PW-1 Jacket worn by Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
PW-2 Jacket worn by Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
PW-3 Shirt worn by Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
PW-4 T-shirt worn by Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
PW-5 Shirt worn by Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester
PW-6 Jeans worn by Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester
PW-7 Shirt, Jeans worn by Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester
PW-8 T-shirt worn by Nicki Aycox as Meg
PW-9 Jacket worn by Julie Benz as Layla Rourke
PW-10 Sweater worn by Brooke Nevin as Kat
PW-11 Sweater worn by Amy Acker as Andrea Barr
PW-12 Hooded Cape worn by Jeannie Epper as Shtriga

Autographed Pieceworks Checklist

2 cards. Odds not released.

PWA-1 Julie Benz as Layla Rourke
PWA-2 Amy Acker as Andrea Barr

Searching Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:11 packs. Cards fit together as a foil puzzle.
Also available as an uncut sheet numbered to 99.

S-1 Unavailable
S-2 Cursed
S-3 Raised Like Warriors
S-4 Fatal Weakness
S-5 Calling
S-6 Hiding
S-7 Together
S-8 Reunited
S-9 Responsibility

Three Hunters Checklist

3 cards. Inserted one per box as a box loader.

BL-1 John Winchester
BL-2 Dean Winchester
BL-3 Sam Winchester

Crash Case Topper Checklist


Brothers Pieceworks Checklist

2 cards. Distributed to dealers as a multi-case incentive.

PW-13A Jacket worn by Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
PW-14A Jacket worn by Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
Half Column

Promo Card Checklist

SN-SD2006 San Diego Comic-Con
SN-i Inkworks.com-exclusive
2006 Inkworks Supernatural Season 1 Promo

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