2000 Topps X-Men Movie Trading Cards

2000 Topps X-Men Movie Trading Cards


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2000 Topps X-Men Movie trading cards helped launch a franchise that was big in both blockbuster status and cast size. At the time of its release, the set wasn't the biggest hit, but it has aged very well as many of its cast have grown into bigger roles.

The 2000 Topps X-Men Movie Autographs checklist is one of the best ever assembled. It's led by the likes of Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Patrick Stewart (Professor Xavier) and Sir Ian McKellan (Magneto), but there are a few other names that have continued to have strong careers. The only problem is, some of them aren't found in packs. Anna Paquin (Rogue) and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Mystique) were both given to dealers after the fact. Ray Park (Toad) was used as a case topper for 2001 Topps Marvel Legends. Autographs combine to land 1:36 hobby packs. Stewart and director Bryan Singer are both short prints.

It was rumored that Halle Berry (Storm) was also going to sign for the set, but that never came to be. However, unsigned blanks featuring the Oscar winner  have surfaced on the secondary market in the ensuing years.

Besides an autograph, hobby boxes also have one of four Movie Memorabilia costume cards.

2000 Topps X-Men Movie trading cards also have retail packs. These do not have autographs or costume cards so collectors should be careful. Hobby boxes note the possibility of signed cards.

Retail packs do have a couple of exclusive insert sets of their own: Clear Cling and X-Foil.

The 2000 Topps X-Men Movie base set has 72 cards.

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3604726200954040 1 Image
X-Men Movie Trading Card Autograph KEA WONG Jubilee
3610095668954040 1 Image
JOHN MYHRE - 2000 Topps X-Men The Movie Production Designer Authentic Auto
1312751464934040 1 Image
First X-Men Movie Lot of 4 Costume Pieceworks Card Set Hugh Jackman Halle Berry
3505573568154040 1 Image
1312808030894040 1 Image
Lot of 9 X-Men movie autograph trading cards(from first and second X-Men movie)
3313021311924040 1 Image
X-Men Movie Autograph James Marsden as Cyclops
1312604295784040 1 Image
2000 Marvel Comics X-MEN Movie LAUREN DONNER Signed BGS AUTO Autographed Card
2011429429784040 1 Image
2000 X-MEN Movie JAMES MARSDEN Cyclops Costume MEMORABILIA Relic BGS 9 Card
1114484520944040 1 Image
X-Men the Movie ULTRA RARE Patrick Stewart Prof X "gold" Autograph card Free S
1714370306524040 1 Image
2000 Topps X-MEN The Movie Autograph Hugh Jackman 9.5 GM 10 auto
2215339049444040 1 Image
2000 X-Men Wolverine Movie Memorabilia Card
1513759443524040 1 Image
X-Men Movie Costume Memorabilia card James Marsden - Cyclops
1513759444384040 1 Image
X-Men the Movie autograph card Bruce Davison - Senator Kelly
1909918843704040 1 Image
2000 X-Men The Movie Memorabilia #4 James Marsden as Cyclops
62471684734040 1 Image
X-Men the Movie John Myhre auto card
62471700994040 1 Image
X-Men the Movie Bruce Davison auto card
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2000 Topps X-Men Movie Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Title Card
2 Professor X
3 Magneto
4 Jean Grey
5 Cyclops
6 Wolverine
7 Sabretooth
8 Rogue
9 Storm
10 Mystique
11 Senator Kelly
12 Toad
13 The Nazi Trauma
14 Love Can Kill
15 Are Mutants Dangerous?
16 Two Old Friends
17 A Bout with Wolverine
18 The Feral Fury
19 A Gun against Wolverine
20 Adamantium Attack!
21 Two for the Road
22 Sabretooth Terror!
23 Primal Combatants
24 Snow Titans
25 Unexpected Rescue
26 Kelly's Crusade
27 The Awakening
28 Inside X Headquarters
29 The World of "X"
30 Xavier's Offer
31 The Capture of Kelly
32 Inside Story
33 Facing Magneto
34 Magneto's Mad Plan
35 The Senator Transformed
36 Logan's Dream
37 Absorbing His Power
38 Kelly's Escape
39 Mutant Misjudgment
40 What's Wrong with Kelly?
41 Kindred Spirits
42 Surprised by a Monster
43 Terminal Mayhem
44 Thrashed by the Enemy
45 Unscheduled Stop
46 Invading a Train
47 Three the Hard Way
48 Saved by Psychic Power
49 Death of a Mutant
50 It's Up to Team X
51 Assault on Liberty Island
52 Dr. Grey's Gamble
53 Heroes on the Scene
54 Psychic Slugfest
55 Burning It Off
56 Deadly Deception
57 Good Vs. Evil
58 The Tables Turned
59 Power against Power
60 Sacrificing Rogue
61 The Final Struggle
62 Destroying the Machine
63 Toward Tomorrow
64 Fantastic Epic
65 Action and Drama
66 Logan's Fun
67 Set Pieces
68 Mutant Perils
69 Girl Power
70 Mad Machinery
71 The Challenge
72 Checklist
2000 Topps X Men Movie Base Image

Autographs Checklist

13 cards. Inserted 1:36 packs. Singer and Stewart are short prints. Paquin and Romijn-Stamos given to dealers after product came out and are not found in packs. Park distributed as a case topper for 2001 Topps Marvel Legends.
2000 Topps X Men Movie Hugh Jackman Autograph 211x300 Image

Bruce Davison as Senator Kelly
Famke Janssen as Jean Grey
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Tyler Mane as Sabretooth
James Marsden as Cyclops
Ian McKellan as Magneto
John Myhre - Production Designer

Clear Cling Checklist

12 cards. Inserted 1:3 retail packs.

CL1 Cyclops
CL2 Jean Grey
CL3 Storm
CL4 Wolverine
CL5 Cyclops
CL6 Wolverine
CL7 Magneto
CL8 Mystique
CL9 Sabretooth
CL10 Toad
CL11 Toad
CL12 Magneto
2000 Topps X Men Movie Clear Cling Image

Double-Sided Chromium Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:5 hobby packs.

C1 Professor X
C2 Cyclops
C3 Jean Grey
C4 Storm
C5 Wolverine
C6 Rogue
C7 Magneto
C8 Mystique
C9 Sabretooth
C10 Toad
2000 Topps X Men Movie Double Sided Chromium Image

Movie Memorabilia Checklist

4 cards. Inserted 1:36 hobby packs.

Jean Grey
2000 Topps X Men Movie Costume Card Image

X-Foil Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:6 retail packs.

1 Professor Xavier
2 Cyclops
3 Jean Grey
4 Storm
5 Wolverine
6 Rogue
7 Magneto
8 Mystique
9 Sabretooth
10 Toad
2000 Topps X Men Movie X Foil Image

Promo Card Checklist

P1-P4 fit together to form a puzzle.

0 Mutants Among Us - Movie Theatres
X1 Wolvering - Wizard Magazine
X2 Cyclops - Previews Magazine, Conventions
X3 Storm - Uncanny X-Men #381
X4 Magneto - Hobby Shops
2000 Topps X Men Movie Promo Image

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