1998 Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards

1998 Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards


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Although not as popular as other Chrome sets, 1998 Bowman Chrome Baseball still has some of the top rookie cards of the year. Based on the success of 1997 Bowman Chrome Baseball, Topps expanded the release to two series to match the look and numbering of 1998 Bowman Baseball. A complete set of 1998 Bowman Chrome consists of 441 cards: 221 in Series 1 and 220 in Series 2.

With rookie cards driving sales, the inserts were kept to a minimum. Parallels included International (1:4), Refractors (1:12), International Refractors (1:24), Golden Anniversary (/50, 1:164) and Golden Anniversary Refractors (/5, 1:1279).

The only standalone inserts are Bowman Chrome Reprints (1:12, Refractors 1:36), which gave a chromium spin on 50 of the most popular Bowman cards released since 1948. The odd numbers were inserted in Series 1 while even-numbered cards followed in Series 2.

Key 1998 Bowman Chrome Rookie Cards:

Card Gallery:

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2011681741514040 1 Image
Gil McDougald 1998 Bowman Chrome Reprints (1952) Yankees
1913243139064040 1 Image
Wade Miller rc 1998 Bowman Chrome
3909275126874040 1 Image
Scott Rolen Phillies 1997-1998 Upper Deck Bowman Chrome 2 Card Lot BV=$2.75
1913243207684040 1 Image
Cesar King rc 1998 Bowman Chrome INTERNATIONAL parallel Dominican Republic
2011681860394040 1 Image
Steve Finley 1998 Bowman Chrome INTERNATIONAL parallel USA
1913243289094040 1 Image
Henry Rodriguez 1998 Bowman Chrome REFRACTOR Cubs
2011681896754040 1 Image
Quinton McCracken 1998 Bowman Chrome INTERNATIONAL parallel USA
2011681917684040 1 Image
Darnell McDonald rc 1998 Bowman Chrome INTERNATIONAL parallel USA

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User Reviews

  1. I have a 1998 bartolo colon #74, Upper Deck Collectors Choice. I think it’s an error card because the innings pitched stat is off, it states in ’97 he pitched 94.0 innings, but his 1-YR totals states he only pitched 13.1, so my question is it an error card? I think it is ,but I can’t find anything about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  2. Tim Simms (ID 60191) » It very well could be an error but it’s extremely doubtful it was corrected.

  3. That’s what I thought,Thanks for the help.

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