1993 SkyBox Simpsons Trading Cards

1993 SkyBox Simpsons Trading Cards


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1993 SkyBox Simpsons trading cards unofficially mark the first modern, insert-driven set for the franchise. Although Topps released a set based on the show three years earlier, it's from a simpler era where packs could be bought with couch treasure. There is nothing wrong with the 1990 Topps Simpsons set, but it doesn't have the same feel as SkyBox's first go with the license. 1993 SkyBox Simpsons trading cards are also ground-breaking with regards to one rare insert that has gone on to become a hobby staple.

The 1993 SkyBox Simpsons base set has 80 total cards. However, it's broken down into three different subsets, each with their own numbering. The first half of the set explores the show's characters. Unlike the Topps set that focused almost exclusively on the same five main characters, Skybox delves much deeper into the world of Springfield. A lot of the show's charm comes from the secondary characters and obscure Springfield citizens. This set does a solid job at showcasing them. Other subsets focus on Itchy & Scratchy, and Radioactive Man.

1993 SkyBox Simpsons trading cards have several different insert sets, most of which are somewhat interactive. Tattoos are the most common. Several of them take tattoo cliches and give them a distinctly Simpsons spin. Mr. Burns flying serpent anyone? Wiggle Cards are lenticular motion inserts. The set has nine cards and is inserted 1:4 packs. Six acetate Cel Cards (1:18 packs) can be layered on top of one another to form different scenes. Glow-in-the-Dark cards (4 cards, 1:36 packs) are exactly as they sound.

The most important card in 1993 SkyBox Simpsons is the Art DeBart card. It's a redemption card good for an original sketch card from Simpsons creator, Matt Groening. Just 400 were produced. These are regarded as some of the first mainstream sketch cards, currently one of the most popular draws on the entertainment side of the hobby. These sketch cards can reach four figures today. And while the redemption cards are long expired, their rarity gives them strong value still today.

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2216351290214040 1 Image
Simpsons-Radioactive Man and Bartman-Promo-Card-1993
3216176441254040 1 Image
The Simpsons SkyBox Series I (1) Set of Promo #18 Otto & P3 Trading Cards 1993
3216176440704040 1 Image
The Simpsons SkyBox Series I (1) Set of Promo B1 & C1 Cel Trading Cards 1993
3216176441194040 1 Image
The Simpsons SkyBox Series I (1) Complete Set of 9 Wiggle Trading Cards 1993
3216176442174040 1 Image
The Simpsons SkyBox Series I (1) Family Watching TV Set of 3 Cel Cards 1993
3216176441264040 1 Image
The Simpsons SkyBox Series I (1) Glow in the Dark Set of 4 Trading Cards 1993
3216176442334040 1 Image
The Simpsons CBM #7 Overstreet GiveAway Gimmick #7 Set of 5 Promo Cards 1993
3216176440664040 1 Image
The Simpsons SkyBox Series I (1) Art de Bart Sketch Card Signed Groening 1993
2913263591124040 1 Image
The Simpsons Icthy & Scratchy Skybox Wiggle card series 1 Card W6
2913263639894040 1 Image
The Simpsons Icthy & Scratchy Skybox Wiggle card series 1 card W4
2913263641724040 1 Image
The Simpsons Skybox card lot series 1
1112273858914040 1 Image
2617028541094040 1 Image
1993 The Simpsons Series 1 Wiggle Chase Card Skybox (3 card lot) W4,W6,W8
1914509168564040 1 Image
The Simpsons Promo card by Skybox
1208413749774040 1 Image
Promo Promotional Card Itchy & Scratchy Bone Appetit P3 1993 Simpsons
2815341408424040 1 Image
Radioactive Man The Atomic Avenger Card Skybox #B6 (The Simpsons)
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Set Checklist

1993 SkyBox Simpsons Checklist

Base Set Checklist

S1 Homer Simpson
S2 Marge Simpson
S3 Bart Simpson
S4 Lisa Simpson
S5 Maggie Simpson
S6 Chief Wiggum
S7 Kent Brockman
S8 Lenny
S9 Sideshow Bob
S10 Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
S11 Tattoo Annie
S12 Mrs. Krabappel
S13 Mr. Largo
S14 Janey Powell
S15 Nelson Muntz
S16 Jimbo Jones
S17 Bumblebee Man
S18 Milhouse Van Houten
S19 Sideshow Mel
S20 Krusty the Clown
S21 Lurleen Lumpkin
S22 Groundskeeper Willie
S23 Rabbi Krusofski
S24 Princess Kashmir
S25 Jasper
S26 Patty and Selma
S27 Grandpa Simpson
S28 Smilin' Joe Fission
S29 Capital City Goofball
S30 Snowball II
S31 Bill & Marty
S32 Capt. Lance Murdock
S33 Captain McCallister
S34 Blinky the 3-Eyed Fish
S35 Ms. Botz
S36 Troy McClure
S37 Dr. Nick Riviera
S38 Barney Gumble
S39 McBain
S40 Checklist
Itchy & Scratchy
I1 Bone Appetit
I2 Strike Three, You're Dead
I3 Pleased to Beat You
I4 Gentlemen Prefer Bombs
I5 Itchy & Scratchy On Ice
I6 Crocodile Doomdee
I7 A Farewell to Arms And Legs
I8 Tee-House of the August Kaboom
I9 Desperatly Shrieking Scratchy
I10 Bongo Comics #1 Cover
I11 Third Down, Dead to Go
I12 Gun with the Wind
I13 Little Dead Corvette
I14 Between-Meal Smacks
I15 Buzz Cola poster
I16 It's a Wonderful Knife
I17 Dead and Butter
I18 On the Road Again
I19 Some Like It Very, Very Hot
I20 The Dead Scratchy Society
I21 I'd Like to Propose a Toasting
I22 Flesh as a Daisy
I23 Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Grave
I24 Itchy Blandings Builds His Scream House
I25 Porch Pals
I26 Candlelight and Whine
I27 It Ain't the Heat. It's the Fatality
I28 Up, Up, and Oy Vay
I29 Itchy & Scratchy and Roger Meyers
I30 Checklist

Radioactive Man
R1 Fallout Boy
R2 Dr. Crab
R3 Radioactive Man
R4 Lave Man
R5 Radioactive Boy and Glowy
R6 2 Loves of Radioactive Ape
R7 By My Sidekick Betrayed
R8 UnSecret Identity
R9 Public Enemy #1
R10 To Betroth A Foe

1993 SkyBox Simpsons Series 1 Base Card Image

Art DeBart Sketch Card Checklist

400 produced. 1 card distributed via redemption. Good for an original sketch card by Matt Groening.

Matt Groening Bart Image

Cel Cards Checklist

6 cards. Inserted 1:18 packs.

1993 SkyBox Simpsons Series 1 Cel Card Image

Glow-in-the-Dark Cards Checklist

4 cards. Inserted 1:36 packs.

G1 Nuclear Power
G2 Itchy and Scratchy
G3 Simpsons Family
1993 SkyBox Simpsons Series 1 Glow in the Dark Image

Tattoos Checklist

10 cards.

1993 SkyBox Simpsons Series 1 Tattoos Image

Wiggle Cards Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:4 packs.

W1 Maggie
W2 Itchy and Scratchy - Anvil
W3 Containment Dome
W4 Itchy and Scratchy - Chase
W5 Barney
W6 Itchy and Scratchy Fan
W7 R-Man and Dr. Crab
W8 Homer and Bart
W9 Bartman
1993 SkyBox Simpsons Series 1 Wiggle Card Image

Promo Card Checklist

18 Otto
B1 Homer
C1 Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Marge
Over-Sized Promo - "Collect 'em or Else."
4-card sheet - perforated
4-card sheet - not perforated
4-card sheet - pink border

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