1992 Star Pics Saturday Night Live Trading Cards

1992 Star Pics Saturday Night Live Trading Cards

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Saturday Night Live has been a hotbed for comedy for multiple generations. Since the mid-70s, it has made Hollywood superstars and thrust characters into pop culture infamy. Despite all this, 1992 Star Pics Saturday Night Live trading cards mark the only time the show has had a full hobby release.

Released at a time when inserts were only just starting to become a thing, this is a simple but comprehensive release. The base set has a total of 150 cards, charting the show's history from its debut all the way through to about the time the set was released. It encompasses the early years with John Belushi, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Gilda Radner up through the likes of Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler and Dana Carvey.

1992 Star Pics Saturday Night Live 47 Chris Farley 1992 Star Pics Saturday Night Live Waynes World

1992 Star Pics Saturday Night Live has some extremely rare and impressive autographs. Signed on the base card backs, signers include Farley, Myers, Sandler, Chris Rock and Phil Hartman. However, extreme caution should be taken if you're looking to add any to your collection.

Like other Star Pics autographs, they came with an authentication sticker. In theory, it's a good idea. However, stickers were easily peeled off and place on other cards. Stickers from lesser autographs in other sets have been used to fake the much more valuable autographs from this set, Twin Peaks and others. Buying from only the most reputable dealers and professionally authenticated cards are definitely a good idea.

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1992 Star Pics Saturday Night Live Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Checklist
2 Checklist
3 Super Fans
4 Super Fans
5 Church Lady
6 Church Lady
7 Church Lady
8 Stuart Smalley
9 Stuart Smalley
10 Hans and Franz
11 Hans and Franz
12 Hans and Franz
13 I'm Chillin'
14 I'm Chillin'
15 Pat
16 Pat
17 Pat
18 Pat
19 The Richmeister
20 The Richmeister
21 Sprockets
22 Sprockets
23 Sprockets
24 Toonces
25 Toonces
26 Toonces
27 Wayne Campbell
28 Wayne's World
29 Wayne's World
30 Wayne's World
31 Nat X
32 Nat X
33 Nat X
34 Coneheads
35 Coneheads
36 Coneheads
37 E. Buzz Miller
38 E. Buzz Miller
39 Nerds
40 Nerds
41 Nerds
42 Samurai
43 Samurai
44 Alien Spacewoman
45 All Things Scottish
46 All Drug Olympics
47 Chippendales
48 Chris Farley Show
49 Coffee Talk
50 The Devil
51 Gulf War Briefing
52 Hanukkah Harry
53 Iraqi Pete
54 Lothar
55 Middle-Aged Man
56 Receptionist
57 Simon
58 G.E. Smith
59 Sweeney Sisters
60 Lank Thompson
61 Victoria's Secrets
62 The Blues Brothers
63 Chevy Falls
64 Chevy's Girls
65 Festrunk Brothers
66 Franken and Davis
67 Killer Bees
68 Landshark
69 Lifer Follies
70 Irwin Mainway
71 Mr. Mike
72 Judy Miller
73 Nick
74 Not Ready for...
75 Olympia Diner
76 Candy Slice
77 Widettes
78 Wolverines
79 Roseanne & Tom
80 Tammy Faye Bakker
81 Barbara Bush
82 Carsenio
83 Johnny & Ed
84 Cyrano de Bergerac
85 Bette Davis
86 Dylan and Petty
87 Harvey Fierstein
88 Frank and Nancy
89 Frank and Sammy
90 Saddam Hussein
91 Jagger and Richards
92 Leona and Zsa Zsa
93 McLaughlin
94 Sinead O'Connor
95 Sally Jessy Raphael
96 Regis and Kathie Lee
97 Axl Rose
98 Gen. Schwarzkopf
99 Gene Shalit
100 Clarence Thomas
101 Tonto, Tarzan and Frankenstein
102 Julia Child
103 Joe Cocker
104 Kissinger and Nixon
105 Tom Snyder
106 Star Trek
107 Liz Taylor
108 Tina Turner
109 Baba Wawa
110 Lina Wertmuller
111 Richard Nixon
112 Gerald Ford
113 Jimmy Carter
114 Ronald Reagan
115 George Bush
116 George Bush
117 Belushi Rant
118 Chevy Chase
119 Jane Curtin
120 Chico Escuela
121 Al Franken Decade
122 Emily Litella
123 Bill Murray
124 Point/Counterpoint
125 Point/Counterpoint
126 Roseanne Roseannadanna
127 Annoying Man
128 Grumpy Old Man
129 Dennis Miller
130 Kevin Nealon
131 Queen Shenequa
132 Victoria Jackson
133 Buzz Pen
134 Chia Head
135 Compulsion
136 Colon Blow
137 Dysfunctional Xmas LP
138 Handi-Off
139 Happy Fun Ball
140 Hedley & Wyche
141 Love Toilet
142 Lung Brush
143 Nikey Turkey
144 Schmitt's Gay Beer
145 Bass-O-Matic
146 Donuts
147 Jewess Jeans
148 Mel's Char Palace
149 Shimmer
150 Swill
1992 Star Pics Saturday Night Live Samauri

Autographs Checklist

Cards are signed on the back. Use extreme caution when considering to buy.

9 Al Franker
18 Julia Sweeny
19 Rob Schneider
27 Mike Myers
33 Chris Rock
47 Chris Farley
53 Adam Sandler
58 G.E. Smith
83 Phil Hartman
89 Tim Meadows
130 Kevin Nealon
131 Ellen Cleghorn
131 Ellen Cleghorn - Signed as Queen Shenequa

Top eBay Listings

Dana Carvey as Garth REAL hand SIGNED 8x10" Photo JSA COA Wayne's World SNL A

Chevy Chase Signed FDC First Day Issue Cachet Envelope JSA COA SNL


Martin Short Signed 8x10 Photo PSA Saturday Night Live SNL Autograph X60155 Auto

Martin Short Signed Ed Grimley 8x10 Photo PSA Saturday Night Live Auto X60143

Martin Short Signed Ed Grimley 8x10 Photo PSA Saturday Night Live Auto X60144

Martin Short Signed Ed Grimley 8x10 Photo PSA Saturday Night Live Auto X60142

Martin Short Signed Ed Grimley 8x10 Photo PSA Saturday Night Live Auto X60145

Martin Short Signed Ed Grimley 8x10 Photo PSA Saturday Night Live Auto X60146

Martin Short Signed Ed Grimley 8x10 Photo PSA Saturday Night Live Auto X60147

Martin Short Signed Jiminiy Glick SNL 11x14 Photo PSA Auto X60192 Autograph

Chris Kattan Signed Index Card 3x5 Autographed PSA DNA COA W48011 SNL Roxbury

Dan Aykroyd Hand Signed 8x10 Photo JSA Authenticated The Blues Brother SNL

Eddie Murphy Signed Framed 20x28 Poster Photo Display JSA Beverly Hills Cop SNL

Kevin Nealon SIGNED 8x10 Photo Saturday Night Live SNL Weeds PSA DNA AUTOGRAPHED

Gilda Radner Signed Saturday Night Live SNL Index Card PSA DNA Slab Autograph
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