1984 Topps Masters of the Universe Trading Cards

1984 Topps Masters of the Universe Trading Cards


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"By the power of Grayskull!" If you were a child of the 1980s, those words likely yelled from your TV screen at least once or twice, if not hundreds of times. 1984 Topps Masters of the Universe trading cards capture the exploits of He-Man, Skeletor and many of the show's other other-worldly warriors with a simple, albeit quirky, release.

The 1984 Topps Masters of the Universe set has 88 base cards and another 21 stickers (22 if you count a variant back). The base set retells an episode of the cartoon, Like Father, Like Daughter, as though it were a comic strip. The red-bordered cards use stills from the show (sometimes a split image with two shots) and add dialogue through speech bubbles.

Card backs have a blue background with a scroll design. The Masters of the Universe is on top and a more detailed writeup follows.

1984 Topps Masters of the Universe086 Image 1984 Topps Masters of the Universe087 211x300 Image

Stickers, which were inserted one per pack, are done in two different styles. The first ten have action-oriented scenes, often with good guys and bad guys blasting one another. The final 11 stickers are character-focused and use the thick-colored border that is common among Topps stickers from the era. Sticker backs double as puzzle pieces. Sticker 19 has two different backs, one for the blue-bordered puzzle and one for the red-bordered puzzle.

Packs come with ten cards, one sticker and a piece of gum. They have four different wax wrappers, each featuring a different character: He-Man, Skeletor, Orko and Teela. Also available are 45-card rack packs.

1984 Topps Masters of the Universe trading cards are a little tougher to find than a lot of other entertainment sets from the decade. It's by no means rare, but it isn't as prevalent as a lot of others. As a result, expect to pay a small premium over what you might for a comparable set released around the same time.

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He-Man & The Masters of the Universe. Complete 88 card set, no stickers - clean
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Set Checklist

1984 Topps Masters of the Unvierse Checklist

Base Set Checklist

88 cards.

1 Welcome to Eternia!
2 Like Father, Like Daughter!
3 Within These Walls of Evil...
4 Monstrous Alliance!
5 Plan of Skeletor
6 Duo for Destruction!
7 Home of the Brave
8 A New Invention!
9 Gripe of Teela
10 The Adventure Begins!
11 Commanding the Mystic Forces!
12 Metamorphosis!
13 Trusted Ally!
14 Enter...Battle Cat!
15 The Road to Castle Grayskull!
16 Summoned to the Castle!
17 Keeper of the Castle!
18 The Plan of Skeletor Revealed!
19 Three against Eternia!
20 Final Words of Warning!
21 Fixing the Laser Lasso
22 No Adventure for Teela?
23 He-Man is Coming!
24 The Monster-Maker!
25 Monarch of Menace!
26 A Friend in Need!
27 The Lasso Test
28 Experiment: Successful!
29 Poor Orko!
30 Dangerous Decision!
31 Orko...Free at Last!
32 Approaching the Fortress
33 Two Determined Heroes!
34 Attack from the Sky!
35 Reeling from the Attack...
36 Device of Doom!
37 The Assault Continues!
38 The Plan to Capture Man-at-Arms!
39 Power of the Bolts!
40 Master of Evil Creatures!
41 Man-at-Arms...Helpless!
42 Beast Man Triumphant!
43 Disarmed!
44 And Now...Defeat He-Man!
45 Machine Madness!
46 Nearer to Danger...!
47 Metallic Monster!
48 The Man and the Challenge!
49 A Crushing Defeat!
50 Man against Monster!
51 He-Man Wins the First Round!
52 Smashed Serpentoid!
53 No Turning Back!
54 The Evil Ones
55 Monsters on the March!
56 He-Man Strikes Back!
57 The Titans Clash!
58 Sneak Attack!
59 Strength of He-Man
60 Surrounded!
61 Teela to the Rescue!
62 Moment of Triumph!
63 Power of the Lasso
64 Snagged!
65 In the Right Hands!
66 Defeat of the Serpentoids
67 Storming the Fortress
68 Mighty Weapon of Teela
69 Bested by Our Heroes!
70 Moment of Truth
71 We're Not Through Yet!
72 Outfoxed by Teela!
73 A Cool Reception!
74 Destroying the Machine of Trap Jaw
75 to Rescue a Warrior!
76 Last Minute Rescue!
77 Deadly Device
78 Bravery Wins the Day!
79 Our Friends Re-United!
80 Until Next Time? -- ?!
81 Warning of Skeletor
82 Courage: A Family Tradition!
83 Plight of Orko
84 Look Who's Here!
85 A Royal Put-Down!
86 If Only Teela Knew...!
87 Teela Continues...
88 Checklist
1984 Topps Masters of the Universe 12 Image

Stickers Checklist

21 cards. Sticker 19 has two different puzzle pieces on the back.

1 Mer-Man, Man-E-Faces
2 Tri-Clops
3 Mer-Man
4 Beast Man, He-Man
5 Stratos
6 Mekaneck
7 He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Beast Man, Skeletor
8 Zodac
9 Evil-Lyn, He-Man
10 Ram Man, Skeletor
11 Guardians of Eternia
12 Skeletor
13 Teela
14 Man-at-Arms
15 Man-E-Faces
16 Skeletor & Panthor
17 Sorceress
18 Ram-Man
19 He-Man & Battle Cat - Blue Puzzle
19 He-Man & Battle Cat - Red Puzzle
20 Teela
21 Evil-Lyn
1984 Topps Masters of the Universe Stickers 12 Image

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