1984 Topps Gremlins Trading Cards

1984 Topps Gremlins Trading Cards


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Is it a family comedy or is it a horror? For those who grew up in the 1980s, it doesn't matter. 1984 Topps Gremlins trading cards captures one of the most memorable films of the decade with a standard approach that's both simple and memorable.

Taking care of a Mogwai and looking after your trading cards have a lot in common. Both should never be exposed to bright light. Getting water on them is definitely not advisable. Feeding them after midnight? Well, if you can feed your cards, you've got bigger issues.

The 1984 Topps Gremlins checklist features 82 base cards. Apparently, storing cards in nine-pocket pages wasn't a thing back then. It jumps right into the story, recapping key points and recreating popular moments. Cards also do a good job at fleshing out Billy, Gizmo, Kate and other key characters with the occasional promo shot. Concept art even makes an appearance on a couple of cards.

The design is bright an instantly recognizable. Card fronts have a bright yellow border that gives way to a jagged frame. Most images are stills taken from the film. The bottom corner has an icon of either Gizmo or the Gremlin version of Stripe. Card backs have the Gremlins logo running as a headline across the top. A yellow box in the middle has Gizmo and Stripe on opposite sides. Write-ups are a mix of quotes, trivia and plot summaries.

1984 Topps Gremlins 61

Every pack also comes with one of 11 stickers. While the die-cut images and thick colored borders are common of Topps sets from the era, the busy backgrounds are a little different. Behind sticker images are stripes of the Gremlins key art. Sticker backs can be used to make a Gizmo puzzle.

1984 Topps Gremlins cards remain relatively easy to find and affordable today. Full sets with stickers can usually be found for under $20.

Boxes come with 36 packs, each with ten cards and one sticker. Rack packs of 45 cards were also produced.

Besides the trading cards, Topps also produced a set of Gremlins album stickers. They also produced a set of cards for the 1990 sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

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1984 Topps Gremlins Checklist

Base Set Checklist

81 cards.

1 Gremlins
2 A Special Gift?
3 The Old Oriental Man
4 Rand Peltzer, Inventor
5 The Mogwai
6 The Final Warning
7 Billy Peltzer
8 Co-Worker Kate Beringer
9 Nasty Mrs. Deagle!
10 At Dorry's Pub
11 A Present from Dad
12 Introducing Gizmo
13 Billy's New Friend
14 Gizmo's Boo-Boo
15 Poor Little Gizmo!
16 3D Comics? Yeech!!
17 Best of Friends
18 Dad's Latest Invention
19 Billy and Gizmo
20 A Splash of Water
21 More Mogwai!!
22 Unexpected Guests!
23 Devious Stripe!
24 The Nasty Prank
25 Gizmo's Fears
26 Friend ... or Foe?
27 Thoughts of a Mogwai
28 The Cocoons
29 Enter Roy Hanson
30 The Science Teacher
31 A New Discovery
32 The Caged Mogwai
33 (Un)controlled Experiment
34 Evil of the Gremlins
35 "They've Hatched!"
36 Their Home Besieged
37 Lynn's Big Risk
38 Mashed Gremlin!
39 "Stay Away or I'll Spray!"
40 Attacked!
41 The Inventor's Convention
42 The Invasion Begins
43 Jamming Traffic!
44 Deadly Creatures!
45 Mrs. Deagle's Fate
46 Scared Silly!
47 Crashing Through!
48 Terrified Victim!
49 Tracking the Gremlins
50 Sling-Shot Defense!
51 Racing against Time
52 "They're Multiplying!"
53 Fury of Stripe
54 The Captive Kate
55 Saved by a Flash!
56 Kate's Revelation
57 Along for the Ride!
58 A New Plan
59 "The Gremlins Are Inside!"
60 Trapped!!
61 The Unruly Gremlins
62 Blowing Up the Theater
63 One Gremlin to Go ...!
64 Toy Department Peril
65 The Friends Separate
66 Stripe's Last Stand
67 Brave Billy Peltzer!
68 Hidden Horror!
69 Gizmo Saves the Day!
70 Stripe's Final Moments
71 The Good Guys Triumph!
72 Our Victorious Heroes!
73 Return of the Master
74 The Peltzers and Kate
75 Metamorphosis
76 Goodbye, Gizmo!
77 Artwork: Little Gizmo
78 The Frightened Mogwai
79 Artwork: Evil Stripe
80 Fiend on the Screen
81 The Young Performers
82 Checklist
1984 Topps Gremlins Trading Card

Stickers Checklist

11 cards. Inserted one per pack. Image border color noted.

1 Gizmo Sitting - Yellow
2 Mogwai Spike - Red
3 Gizmo Angry Close-Up - Blue
4 Gremlin Spike - Green
5 Gremlin Spike - Red
6 Gremlin Spike - Pink
7 Gizmo in Car - Yellow
8 Gizmo Art - Blue
9 Gizmo Scared - Pink
10 Spike Art - Orange
11 Spike Model - Orange

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