1984 Topps Football Cards

1984 Topps Football Cards


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1984 Topps Football steps away from the largely conservative, minimalist designs the company used for their football sets for over a decade and a half. This time out, cards were given the appearance of being tilted, which was the first time football cards were given anything besides a straight appearance. In addition to the new look, a solid crop of rookie stars has helped this set become one of the most popular of the 1980s.

Card fronts feature a player photo, but the sides of the picture appear to be skewed slightly to the left. A solid-colored strip in the upper left corner identifies the player, while another in the lower right names his team. A team logo appears in the lower left and his position is given below the team name. The backs are divided into three parts. At the top, the card number is rendered as a vertical number. As a green number on gray cardboard stock, it can sometimes be hard to read. The player's name stretches across the card, with his position listed to the right and several lines of vital stats below. Below that is a year-by-year statistical review for most players, with a short biography to fit the rest of the space. A cartoon about the player appears to the right.

Once again, the 1984 Topps Football is broken up numerically into teams. The players are arranged alphabetically by their last names, and the teams are arranged alphabetically by home city and conference. The only exception is the Colts, who had moved to Indianapolis before the 1984 season but still were arranged as if they had remained in Baltimore. The first card for each team names several 1983 offensive and defensive leaders and pictures one of them. Cards #1-6 spotlight individual accomplishments from the '83 season, cards #7-9 recap the conference championships and the Super Bowl and cards #202-207 feature the leader in each conference for various statistical categories. Three checklist cards appear at the end of the set, at cards #394-396. One other subset appears, a game-action card called Instant Replay of several top players that are numbered behind their base cards.

The rookie cards of Dan Marino and John Elway have buoyed much of the popularity of 1984 Topps Football. Other significant rookies include Eric Dickerson, Howie Long, Willie Gault,Roger Craig, Rickey Jackson, Andre Tippett, Curt Warner, Darrell Green and Dave Krieg.

Key 1984 Topps Football Cards:

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1984 Topps 280 Eric Dickerson RC NM #D61608

1984 Topps 280 Eric Dickerson RC NM-MT #D35721
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