1982 Topps Smurf Supercards Trading Cards

1982 Topps Smurf Supercards Trading Cards


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The Smurfs are known for being approximately two apples high and singing a happy song all day long. Back in the early 80s, they were a phenomenon. And while a lot of kids built Smurf armies out of the seeming endless stream of small plastic figurines, a unique set of Smurfs trading cards also came out. 1982 Topps Smurf Supercards is an over-sized release, much like the famous tall boys of old.

The 1982 Topps Smurf Supercards checklist has 56 cards. Each measures 2 3/4" by 5 1/8", meaning they're not traditionally sized. They're similar to tall boys found in various sports sets. More recently, Topps Star Wars Widevision sets have used the larger dimensions.

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1982 Topps Smurf Supercards are almost like mini motivational cards or year-round Valentines. Each comes with a Smurf-themed cartoon along with a Smurf-inspired saying -- often a cliche with the word 'Smurf' for the verb. Intentional or not, this leads to some rather awkward, albeit funny, cards by today.

1982 Topps Smurf Supercards 36

Card backs are, essentially, all the same. A large title takes up most of the space with a horn-blowing Smurf acting as the icon. The only thing that changes from card to card is the number.

1982 Topps Smurf Supercards come in both wax packs of seven cards (plus a stick of gum) and rack packs of 36 cards.

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Set Checklist

1982 Topps Smurf Supercards Checklist

1982 Topps Smurf Supercards 11

1 Keep Talking...I'm Listening!
2 Let's Be Triends
3 T.G.I.F.
4 Stop Look and Listen!
5 Stay Cool!
6 Recess is My Favorite Subject!
7 Life's a Ball
8 Can't You Tell a Superstar When You See One?
9 2 Smurfs Are Better Than 1
10 Taks a Smurf to Lunch!
11 Have a Smurfy Day!
12 I Love Smurfing!
13 Calling All Smurfs
14 Smurf Fever
15 Hello Handsome
16 Neatness Counts!
17 Smurf's Up!
18 Keep on Smurfin'...
19 Welcome to Smurf Country
20 He Smurfs Me...He Smurfs Me Not
21 You're Out of This World
22 Nothing's Easy!
23 You Make Me Feel Like a Winner
24 Don't Be Shy
25 Home, Smurf Home!
26 Who Invented Homework?
27 We Make Great Music tTogether!
28 Smurf Appeal
29 Tomorrow's Monday
30 You're So Sweet
31 Happy Smurfday
32 What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?
33 Whistle While You Smurf
34 I Never Met a Smurf I Didn't Like!
35 S-M-U-R-F-S Yea Team!
36 Wanna Smurf Around?
37 Want a Present?
38 Keep Smurfin'
39 Mind if I Smurf My Own Horn?
40 Goin' Smurfin'
41 Don't Bother Me I'm Smurfin'
42 Smurfettes Should be Treated Royally
43 Come Smurf with Us!
44 Ever Feel You've Lost Your Last Smurf?
45 A Smurf's Work Is Never Done
46 I Smurf You
47 Come Smurf with Me
48 Weekends Are for Smurfin'
49 Wait Till Tomorrow If You Think Today is Bad
50 Let a Smile be Your Umbrella
51 Let's Have a Smurfy Good Time
52 You're in a Class by Yourself
53 Have Smurfy Dreams
54 She Smurfed Me
55 I Love My Smurfs
56 Don't Just Stand There, Smurf me

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