1977-78 Topps Basketball Cards

1977-78 Topps Basketball Cards


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After making what was arguably the most popular basketball card set of the 1970s, Topps really didn't seem to try very hard to improve on it. Instead, the company reverted to the standard card size and lowered the number of cards in the next year's set.

In addition to the player photo on the card front, a colored basketball icon in the lower left corner contains his position. Below the picture, a city name is placed inside a banner, with the team name following the perspective line as if it were an extension of that banner. The player's name appears in the lower right corner, just below the team name. Card backs feature a circle with a cartoon that says something about the player. Another circle at the top left corner has a card number inside it, while a black bar across the top includes his name. Vital stats appear below the name. Career statistics show up in the box below them, along with a short write-up.

One unusual feature of the set is the card stock. All 132 cards in the set can be found with either gray or white stock. While the white stock is less common and more appealing to collectors, there is not really any price difference between the two. The entire set would have fit on a single printing sheet, so it's likely that Topps changed the type of cardboard it used partway through the printing process.

There are no subsets due to the set's reduced size. All-Star players have a ring added around the basketball icon on their regular cards to identify them as members of the team. Key rookie cards in this set include Robert Parish, Darryl Dawkins, Adrian Dantley, John Lucas and Tom McMillen.

Key 1977-78 Topps Basketball Cards:


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3711482818714040 1 Image
1977-78 Topps #38 Mel Davis New Jersey Nets Great Card PSA 9
2309602430074040 1 Image
1977-78 GEORGE GERVIN - Topps Basketball Card # 73 - San Antonio Spurs -Vintage
1403857866094040 1 Image
1977-78 Topps Basketball (2) Proof Wes Unseld Bullets
1205351398604040 1 Image
1977-78 Topps Basketball (2) Proof Earl Monroe Knicks
1205351403464040 1 Image
1977-78 Topps Basketball (2) Proof Moses Malone Rockets
1104988073684040 1 Image
1977-78 Topps Basketball (2) Proof Gail Goodrich Jazz
1205351422054040 1 Image
1977-78 Topps Basketball (2) Proof Kareem Abdul Jabbar
3604868810634040 1 Image
1977-78 Topps Celtics set (8) w JOHN HAVLICEK, JOJO WHITE, DAVE COWENS Nrmt+

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Set Checklist

1977-78 Topps Basketball Card Checklist

Card #Player Name
1Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
2Henry Bibby
3Curtis Rowe
4Norm Van Lier
5Darnell Hillman
6Earl Monroe
7Leonard Gray
8Bird Averitt
9Jim Brewer
10Paul Westphal
11Bob Gross RC
12Phil Smith
13Dan Roundfield RC
14Brian Taylor
15Rudy Tomjanovich
16Kevin Porter
17Scott Wedman
18Lloyd Free
19Tom Boswell RC
20Pete Maravich
21Cliff Poindexter
22Bubbles Hawkins
23Kevin Grevey RC
24Ken Charles
25Bob Dandridge
26Lonnie Shelton RC
27Don Chaney
28Larry Kenon
29Checklist 1-132
30Fred Brown
31John Gianelli Error
32Austin Carr
33Keith / Jamaal Wilkes
34Caldwell Jones
35Jo Jo White
36Scott May RC
37Mike Newlin
38Mel Davis
39Lionel Hollins
40Elvin Hayes
41Dan Issel
42Ricky Sobers
43Don Ford
44John Williamson
45Bob McAdoo
46Geoff Petrie
47M.L.Carr RC
48Brian Winters
49Sam Lacey
50George McGinnis
51Don Watts
52Sidney Wicks
53Wilbur Holland
54Tim Bassett
55Phil Chenier
56Adrian Dantley RC
57Jim Chones
58John Lucas RC
59Cazzie Russell
60David Thompson
61Bob Lanier
62Dave Twardzik
63Wilbert Jones
64Clifford Ray
65Doug Collins
66Tom McMillen RC
67Rich Kelley RC
68Mike Bantom
69Tom Boerwinkle
70John Havlicek
71Marvin Webster RC
72Curtis Perry
73George Gervin
74Leonard Robinson
75Wes Unseld
76Dave Meyers
77Gail Goodrich
78Richard Washington RC
79Mike Gale
80Maurice Lucas
81Harvey Catchings RC
82Randy Smith
83Campy Russell
84Kevin Kunnert
85Lou Hudson
86Mickey Johnson
87Lucius Allen
88Spencer Haywood
89Gus Williams
90Dave Cowens
91Al Skinner
92Swen Nater
93Tom Henderson
94Don Buse
95Alvan Adams
96Mack Calvin
97Tom Burleson
98John Drew
99Mike Green
100Julius Erving
101John Mengelt
102Howard Porter
103Billy Paultz
104John Shumate
105Calvin Murphy
106Elmore Smith
107Jim McMillian
108Kevin Stacom
109Jan Van Breda Kolff
110Billy Knight
111Robert Parish RC
112Larry Wright
113Bruce Seals
114Junior Bridgeman
115Artis Gilmore
116Steve Mix
117Ron Lee
118Bobby Jones
119Ron Boone
120Bill Walton
121Chris Ford
122Earl Tatum
123E.C. Coleman
124Moses Malone
125Charlie Scott
126Bobby Smith
127Nate Archibald
128Mitch Kupchak RC
129Walt Frazier
130Rick Barry
131Ernie DiGregorio
132Darryl Dawkins RC

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