1975-76 Topps Basketball Cards

1975-76 Topps Basketball Cards


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While featuring a font type and colors that certainly seemed to be solidly of their own time, 1975-'76 Topps might be among the cleanest designs of all the basketball sets the company ever produced. At 330 cards, it was also the largest basketball set ever produced until 1989.

The card fronts feature a player picture, with a team name above him and his name below. The only other thing that has been added is a series of two diagonal stripes in the upper right corner. The backs are unique because they have more filler than other sets do. They are dominated by a large bisected circle. The top half of the circle contains the player's name, team, position and vital stats. The lower half has a couple of bullet points, and sometimes a note about when the player was drafted. The card number appears in a green box in the upper left hand corner and drawn basketball characters surround the circle. At the bottom is a year-by-year statistics line, which the circle is modified to fit.

All-Star players are given a different design. Stars are placed inside the diagonal bars and a graphic pedestal surrounds their name at the bottom with the specific information about which team they played on. Again, they are not a separate subset, but sprinkled throughout as part of the regular cards. Again, the set is divided between NBA players (cards #1-220) and ABA players (cards #221-330). The cards were printed on three sheets, with 22 cards double-printed on the second printing sheet.

A first-time subset features team checklist cards. While many of the cards showed a simple assembly of all the players and coaches, some cards stand out. The Lakers team card features the floating heads of each member of the team, while the Supersonics are shown in front of an airplane.

There are a lot of subsets, which are once again broken up between the two leagues. They are: NBA Statistical Leaders (#1-6), NBA Team Leaders (#116-133), NBA Playoffs (#188-189), NBA Team Checklists (20-220), ABA Statistical Leaders (#221-226), ABA Team Leaders (#278-287), ABA Playoffs (#309-310) and ABA Team Checklists (321-330).

Moses Malone, Keith (Jamaal) Wilkes, Maurice Lucas and Bobby Jones are the key rookies. The end of the 1975-'76 basketball season saw several ABA teams disappear and others merged into the NBA, so this would be the final season the set basketball would be divided between the leagues.

Key 1975-76 Topps Basketball Cards:


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1814457263304040 1 Image
1975-76 Topps Vintage #215 NEW YORK KNICKS TEAM CHECKLIST CL Graded 6 EX-MT PSA
1713658697204040 1 Image
1713658885984040 1 Image
1975-76 Topps 1974-75 REBOUNDS LEADERS #4 Wes UNSELD Dave COWENS Sam LACEY PSA
1713658995034040 1 Image
1975-76 Topps 1974-75 NBA FIELD GOAL PCT. LEADERS #2 Don NELSON Butch BEARD PSA
1814458008944040 1 Image
1975-76 Topps 1974-75 ABA SCORING AVG. LEADERS 221 Julius ERVING George McGINNIS
1713659126374040 1 Image
1975-76 Topps 1974-75 NBA FREE THROW PCT. LEADERS #3 Rick BARRY Bill BRADLEY PSA
1713659163204040 1 Image
1975-76 Topps 1974-75 ABA 2PT FG PCT. LEADERS 222 Moses MALONE Artis GILMORE PSA
1713659230594040 1 Image

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Set Checklist

1975-76 Topps Basketball Card Checklist

Card #Player Name
1McAd / Barry / Jabbar League Leaders
2Nelson / Beard / Tomj League Leaders
3Barry / Murphy / Bradley League Leaders
4Unseld / Cowens / Lacey League Leaders
5Porter / Bing / Arch League Leaders
6Barry / Frazier / Steele League Leaders
7Tom Van Arsdale
8Paul Silas
9Jerry Sloan
10Bob McAdoo
11Dwight Davis
12John Mengelt
13George Johnson
14Ed Ratleff
15Nate Archibald
16Elmore Smith
17Bob Dandridge
18Louie Nelson RC
19Neal Walk
20Billy Cunningham
21Gary Melchionni
22Barry Clemens
23Jimmy Jones
24Tom Burleson RC
25Lou Hudson
26Henry Finkel
27Jim McMillian
28Matt Guokas
29Fred Foster Double Print
30Bob Lanier
31Jimmy Walker
32Cliff Meely
33Butch Beard
34Cazzie Russell
35Jon McGlocklin
36Bernie Fryer
37Bill Bradley
38Fred Carter
39Dennis Awtrey Double Print
40Sidney Wicks
41Fred Brown
42Rowland Garrett
43Herm Gilliam
44Don Nelson
45Ernie DiGregorio
46Jim Brewer
47Chris Ford
48Nick Weatherspoon
49Zaid Abdul-Aziz
50Keith / Jamaal Wilkes RC
51Ollie Johnson Double Print
52Lucius Allen
53Mickey Davis
54Otto Moore
55Walt Frazier
56Steve Mix
57Nate Hawthorne
58Lloyd Neal
59Don Watts
60Elvin Hayes
61Checklist 1-110
62Mike Sojourner
63Randy Smith
64John Block Double Print
65Charlie Scott
66Jim Chones
67Rick Adelman
68Curtis Rowe
69Derrek Dickey RC
70Rudy Tomjanovich
71Pat Riley
72Cornell Warner
73Earl Monroe
74Allan Bristow RC
75Pete Maravich Double Print
76Curtis Perry
77Bill Walton
78Leonard Gray
79Kevin Porter
80John Havlicek
81Dwight Jones
82Jack Marin
83Dick Snyder
84George Trapp
85Nate Thurmond
86Charles Johnson
87Ron Riley
88Stu Lantz
89Scott Wedman RC
90Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
91Aaron James
92Jim Barnett
93Clyde Lee
94Larry Steele
95Mike Riordan
96Archie Clark
97Mike Bantom
98Bob Kauffman
99Kevin Stacom RC
100Rick Barry
101Ken Charles
102Tom Boerwinkle
103Mike Newlin
104Leroy Ellis
105Austin Carr
106Ron Behagen
107Jim Price
108Bud Stallworth
109Earl Williams
110Gail Goodrich
111Phil Jackson
112Rod Derline
113Keith Erickson
114Phil Lumpkin
115Wes Unseld
116Atlanta Hawks Team Leaders
117Cowens / White Team Leaders
118Buffalo Braves Team Leaders
119Love / Walk / Thur Team Leaders
120Cleveland Cavs Team Leaders
121Lanier / Bing Team Leaders
122Rick Barry Team Leaders
123Houston Rockets Team Leaders
124Kansas City Kings Team Leaders
125Los Angeles Lakers Team Leaders
126Kareem A.-Jabbar Team Leaders
127Pete Maravich Team Leaders
128Frazier / Bradley Team Leaders Double Print
129Car / Coll / Cunn Team Leaders Double Print
130Phoenix Suns Team Leaders Double Print
131Portland Blazers Team Leaders Double Print
132Seattle Sonics Team Leaders
133Hayes / Unseld Team Leaders
134John Drew RC
135Jo Jo White
136Garfield Heard
137Jim Cleamons
138Howard Porter
139Phil Smith RC
140Bob Love
141John Gianelli Double Print
142Larry McNeill RC
143Brian Winters RC
144George Thompson
145Kevin Kunnert
146Henry Bibby
147John Johnson
148Doug Collins
149John Brisker
150Dick Van Arsdale
151Leonard Robinson RC
152Dean Meminger
153Phil Hankinson
154Dale Schlueter
155Norm Van Lier
156Campy Russell RC
157Jeff Mullins
158Sam Lacey
159Happy Hairston
160Dave Bing Double Print
161Kevin Restani RC
162Dave Wohl
163E.C. Coleman
164Jim Fox
165Geoff Petrie
166Hawthorne Wingo Double Print Error
167Fred Boyd
168Willie Norwood
169Bob Wilson
170Dave Cowens
171Tom Henderson RC
172Jim Washington
173Clem Haskins
174Jim Davis
175Bobby Smith Double Print
176Mike D'Antoni
177Zelmo Beaty
178Gary Brokaw RC
179Mel Davis
180Calvin Murphy
181Checklist 111-220 Double Print
182Nate Williams
183LaRue Martin
184George McGinnis
185Clifford Ray
186Paul Westphal
187Talvin Skinner
188NBA Playoff Semis Double Print
189NBA Playoff Finals
190Phil Chenier All-Star2 Double Print
191John Brown
192Lee Winfield
193Steve Patterson
194Charles Dudley
195Connie Hawkins Double Print
196Leon Benbow
197Don Kojis
198Ron Williams
199Mel Counts
200Spencer Haywood
201Greg Jackson
202Tom Kozelko Double Print
203Atlanta Hawks
204Celtics Team Checklist
205Buffalo Braves Checklist
206Bulls Team Checklist
207Cleveland Cavs
208Detroit Pistons
209Golden State
210Houston Rockets
211Kansas City Kings Double Print
212Los Angeles Lakers Double Print
213Milwaukee Bucks
214New Orleans Jazz
215New York Knicks
216Philadelphia 76ers
217Phoenix Suns Double Print
218Portland Blazers
219Sonics Team / B.Russell
220Washington Bullets
221McGin / Erving / Boone League Leaders
222Jones / Gilmore / Malone League Leaders
223ABA 3 Pt. Field Goal
224ABA Free Throw
225ABA Rebounds Leaders
226ABA Assists Leaders
227Mack Calvin
228Billy Knight RC
229Bird Averitt
230George Carter
231Swen Nater
232Steve Jones
233George Gervin
234Lee Davis
235Ron Boone All-Star1
236Mike Jackson
237Kevin Joyce RC
238Marv Roberts
239Tom Owens
240Ralph Simpson
241Gus Gerard
242Brian Taylor All-Star2
243Rich Jones
244John Roche
245Travis Grant
246Dave Twardzik
247Mike Green
248Billy Keller
249Stew Johnson
250Artis Gilmore
251John Williamson
252Marvin Barnes RC
253James Silas
254Moses Malone RC
255Willie Wise
256Dwight Lamar
257Checklist 221-330
258Byron Beck
259Len Elmore RC
260Dan Issel
261Rick Mount
262Billy Paultz
263Donnie Freeman
264George Adams
265Don Chaney
266Randy Denton
267Don Washington
268Roland Taylor
269Charlie Edge
270Louie Dampier
271Collis Jones
272Al Skinner RC
273Coby Dietrick
274Tim Bassett
275Freddie Lewis
276Gerald Govan
277Ron Thomas
278Denver Nuggets Team Leaders
279McGinnis / Keller Team Leaders
280Gilmore / Dampier Team Leaders
281Memphis Sounds Team Leaders
282Julius Erving Team Leaders
283Barnes / Lewis Team Leaders
284George Gervin Team Leaders
285San Diegoils Team Leaders
286Malone / Boone Team Leaders
287Virginia Squires Team Leaders
288Claude Terry
289Wilbert Jones
290Darnell Hillman
291Bill Melchionni
292Mel Daniels
293Fly Williams RC
294Larry Kenon
295Red Robbins
296Warren Jabali
297Jim Eakins
298Bobby Jones RC
299Don Buse
300Julius Erving
301Billy Shepherd
302Maurice Lucas RC
303George Karl
304Jim Bradley
305Caldwell Jones
306Al Smith
307Jan VanBredaKolff RC
308Darrell Elston
309ABA Playoff Semifinals
310Artis Gilmore
311Ted McClain
312Willie Sojourner
313Bob Warren
314Bob Netolicky
315Chuck Williams
316Gene Kennedy
317Jimmy O'Brien
318Dave Robisch
319Wali Jones
320George Irvine
321Denver Nuggets
322Indiana Pacers
323Kentucky Colonels
324Memphis Sounds
325New York Nets
326St. Louis Spirits
327San Antonio Spurs
328San Diegoils
329Utah Stars
330Squires Checklist

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