1974 Topps Traded Baseball Cards

1974 Topps Traded Baseball Cards


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Topps introduced a new concept to the baseball card market with their release of the 1974 Topps Traded Baseball card set. It features a checklist of 44 players who changed teams during the course of the year. Nearly identical in design to that of the regular issue, the word "Traded" is spelled out in red lettering against a bright yellow background. The back of the card features a newspaper motif with headline and a write-up of the trade details.

The card number is also accompanied by the letter "T" to further insure there was no confusion from the cards of the regular set. However, the design elements previously mentioned certainly accomplished that goal. Key cards in the set include Ron Santo (#270T), Juan Marichal (#330) and the Traded Checklist (#NNO). Other names included on the checklist are Lou Pinella (#390T), Felipe Alou (#458T) and Steve Stone (#486T).

The distribution of the cards were two-fold. The entire set was included with the purchase of the first-ever Topps factory set, which was only available at the time through the JC Penny catalog. The cards were also randomly inserted as singles in later-runs of the regular season issue.

Top eBay Listings

1974 Topps Traded #585 Merv Rettenmund NM MT D30435

1974 Topps Traded #151 Diego Segui NM D12370

1974 Topps Traded #270 Ron Santo NM D22741

1974 Topps Traded #62 Bob Locker NM D22660

1974 Topps Traded #534 Eddie Watt NM MT D8833

1974 Topps Traded #313 Barry Lersch NM D22678

1974 Topps Traded #585 Merv Rettenmund NM D29937

1974 Topps Traded #538 Cesar Tovar NM D22627

1974 Topps Traded #63 Bill Sudakis NM D22649

1974 Topps Traded #165 Willie Davis NM D22647

1974 Topps Traded #486 Steve Stone NM MT J6145

1974 Topps Traded #538 Cesar Tovar NM MT J6119

1974 Topps Traded #73 Mike Marshall NM D22622

1974 Topps Traded #612 Luke Walker NM D30024

1974 Topps Traded #165 Willie Davis NM MT J8855

1974 Topps Traded #319 Randy Hundley NM D22679
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Key Cards

Key 1974 Topps Traded Baseball Cards

Ron Santo #270T

1974 Topps Traded Ron Santo

Juan Marichal #330T

1974 Topps Traded Juan Marichal

Traded Checklist #NNO

1974 Topps Traded Checklist

Set Checklist

1974 Topps Traded Baseball Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Featuring 44 cards

23T Craig Robinson
 42T Claude Osteen
 43T Jim Wynn
 51T Bob Heise
 59T Ross Grimsley
 62T Bob Locker
 63T Bill Sudakis
 73T Mike G. Marshall
 123T Nelson Briles
 139T Aurelio Monteagudo
 151T Diego Segui
 165T Willie Davis
 175T Reggie Cleveland
 182T Lindy McDaniel
 186T Fred Scherman
 249T George Mitterwald
 262T Ed Kirkpatrick
 269T Bob Johnson
 270T Ron Santo
 313T Barry Lersch
 319T Randy Hundley
 330T Juan Marichal
 348T Pete Richert
 373T John Curtis
 390T Lou Piniella
 428T Gary Sutherland
 454T Kurt Bevacqua
 458T Jim Ray
 485T Felipe Alou
 486T Steve Stone
 496T Tom Murphy
 516T Horacio Pina
 534T Eddie Watt
 538T Cesar Tovar
 544T Ron Schueler
 579T Cecil Upshaw
 585T Merv Rettenmund
 612T Luke Walker
 616T Larry Gura
 618T Jim Mason
 630T Tommie Agee
 648T Terry Crowley
 649T Fernando Gonzalez
 NNO Traded Checklist
1974 Topps Traded Ron Santo

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