1973 Topps Football Cards

1973 Topps Football Cards


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In 1973, Topps released the largest football card set ever issued, at 528 cards. At the same time, the company dropped the practice of issuing cards in series and printed them all at once. At the same time, there was a reliance on more game-actions and sideline shots, even though the team logos then needed to be painted over.

Card fronts feature a player picture inside a thick black line that serves as a frame. A two-colored ribbon icon runs down the left side, appearing to slip behind the photo. The player's name appears at the top of the card, while his position and team name are below the photo. The first name and team name match the color of the left side of the ribbon, and each team has its own color scheme throughout the set. Card backs are vertically oriented and printed in red, white and blue. A football helmet icon contains the card number, while the player's name is inside a blue stripe that stretches along the top. His team, position and vital stats appear just under the stripe. There is a short biography, with a reversion to the year/life statistics box for most players. A trivia cartoon appears at the bottom.

There are a number of subsets. Cards #1-6 list the leaders in each conference for a variety of 1972 statistics. A recap of the '72 postseason takes up cards #133-139. Finally three cards (#265-267) show boyhood photos of then-current players.

With such a large set, Topps was able to feature a lot more players that they ever were able to fit inside its sets. As a result, nearly a third of the players are being shown for the very first time. Key rookie cards include Franco Harris, Jack Youngblood, Jack Ham, Art Shell, Ken Stabler, Dan Dierdorf, Jim Langer and Bob Brown.

Key 1973 Topps Football Cards:

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Set Checklist

1973 Topps Football Card Checklist

Card #Player Name
1Simpson / L.Brown League Leaders
2Passing Leaders
3Jackson / Biletnikoff League Leaders
4Scoring Leaders
5Interception Leaders
6Punting Leaders
7Bob Trumpy
8Mel Tom
9Clarence Ellis
10John Niland
11Randy Jackson
12Greg Landry
13Cid Edwards
14Phil Olsen
15Terry Bradshaw
16Al Cowlings RC
17Walker Gillette
18Bob Atkins
19Diron Talbert RC
20Jim Johnson
21Howard Twilley
22Dick Enderle
23Wayne Colman
24John Schmitt
25George Blanda
26Milt Morin
27Mike Current
28Rex Kern RC
29MacArthur Lane
30Alan Page
31Randy Vataha
32Jim Kearney
33Steve Smith T
34Ken Anderson RC
35Calvin Hill
36Andy Maurer
37Joe Taylor
38Deacon Jones
39Mike Weger
40Roy Gerela
41Les Josephson
42Dave Washington
43Bill Curry RC
44Fred Heron
45John Brodie
46Roy Winston
47Mike Bragg
48Mercury Morris
49Jim Files
50Gene Upshaw
51Hugo Hollas
52Rod Sherman
53Ron Snidow
54Steve Tannen RC
55Jim Carter RC
56Lydell Mitchell RC
57Jack Rudnay RC
58Halvor Hagen
59Tom Dempsey
60Fran Tarkenton
61Lance Alworth
62Vern Holland
63Steve DeLong
64Art Malone
65Isiah Robertson
66Jerry Rush
68Checklist 1-132
69J.D. Hill
70Forrest Blue
71Myron Pottios
72Norm Thompson RC
73Paul Robinson
74Larry Grantham
75Manny Fernandez
76Kent Nix
77Art Shell RC
79Don Cockroft
80Bob Tucker
81Don McCauley RC
82Bob Brown DT
83Larry Carwell
84Mo Moorman
85John Gilliam
86Wade Key
87Ross Brupbacher
88Dave Lewis
89Franco Harris RC
90Tom Mack
91Mike Tilleman
92Carl Mauck
93Larry Hand
94Dave Foley RC
95Frank Nunley
96John Charles
97Jim Bakken
98Pat Fischer
99Randy Rasmussen
100Larry Csonka
101Mike Siani RC
102Tom Roussel
103Clarence Scott RC
104Charlie Johnson
105Rick Volk
106Willie Young
107Emmitt Thomas
108Jon Morris
109Clarence Williams
110Rayfield Wright
111Norm Bulaich
112Mike Eischeid
113Speedy Thomas
114Glen Holloway
115Jack Ham RC
116Jim Nettles
117Errol Mann
118John Mackey
119George Kunz
120Bob James
121Garland Boyette
122Mel Phillips
123Johnny Roland
124Doug Swift
125Archie Manning
126Dave Herman
127Carleton Oats
128Bill Van Heusen
129Rich Jackson
130Len Hauss
131Billy Parks RC
132Ray May
133NFC Semi / Staubach
134AFC Semi / Immac.Rec.
135NFC Semi-Final
136AFC Semi / L.Csonka
137NFC Title Game / Kilmer
138AFC Title Game
139Super Bowl VII
140Dwight White RC
141Jim Marsalis
142Doug Van Horn
143Al Matthews
144Bob Windsor
145Dave Hampton RC
146Horst Muhlmann
147Wally Hilgenberg RC
148Ron Smith
149Coy Bacon RC
150Winston Hill
151Ron Jessie RC
152Ken Iman
154Jim Braxton RC
155Bubba Smith
156Gary Cuozzo
157Charlie Krueger
158Tim Foley RC
159Lee Roy Jordan
160Bob Brown OT
161Margene Adkins
162Ron Widby
163Jim Houston
164Joe Dawkins
166Richmond Flowers RC
167Curley Culp RC
168Len St. Jean
169Walter Rock
170Bill Bradley
171Ken Riley RC
172Rich Coady
173Don Hansen
174Lionel Aldridge
175Don Maynard
176Dave Osborn
177Jim Bailey
178John Pitts
179Dave Parks
180Chester Marcol RC
181Len Rohde
182Jeff Staggs
183Gene Hickerson
184Charlie Evans
185Mel Renfro
186Marvin Upshaw
187George Atkinson
188Norm Evans
189Steve Ramsey
190Dave Chapple
191Gerry Mullins
192John Didion
193Bob Gladieux
194Don Hultz
195Mike Lucci
196John Wilbur
197George Farmer
198Tommy Casanova RC
199Russ Washington
200Claude Humphrey
201Pat Hughes
202Zeke Moore
203Chip Glass
204Glenn Ressler
205Willie Ellison
206John Leypoldt
207Johnny Fuller
208Bill Hayhoe
209Ed Bell
210Willie Brown
211Carl Eller
212Mark Nordquist
213Larry Willingham
214Nick Buoniconti
215John Hadl
216Jethro Pugh RC
217Leroy Mitchell
218Billy Newsome
219John McMakin
220Larry Brown
221Clarence Scott RC
222Paul Naumoff
223Ted Fritsch Jr.
224Checklist 133-264
225Dan Pastorini
226Joe Beauchamp Error
227Pat Matson
228Tony McGee DT
229Mike Phipps
230Harold Jackson
231Willie Williams
232Spike Jones
233Jim Tyrer
234Roy Hilton
235Phil Villapiano
236Charley Taylor Error
237Malcolm Snider
238Vic Washington
239Grady Alderman
240Dick Anderson
241Ron Yankowski
242Billy Masters
243Herb Adderley
244David Ray
245John Riggins
246Mike Wagner RC
247Don Morrison
248Earl McCullouch
249Dennis Wirgowski
250Chris Hanburger
251Pat Sullivan RC
252Walt Sweeney
253Willie Alexander
254Doug Dressler
255Walter Johnson
256Ron Hornsby
257Ben Hawkins
258Donnie Green RC
259Fred Hoaglin
260Jerrel Wilson
261Horace Jones
262Woody Peoples
263Jim Hill RC
264John Fuqua
265Donny Anderson KP
266Roman Gabriel KP
267Mike Garrett KP
268Rufus Mayes RC
269Chip Myrtle
270Bill Stanfill RC
271Clint Jones
272Miller Farr
273Harry Schuh
274Bob Hayes
275Bobby Douglass
276Gus Hollomon
277Del Williams
278Julius Adams
279Herman Weaver
280Joe Greene
281Wes Chesson
282Charlie Harraway
283Paul Guidry
284Terry Owens RC
285Jan Stenerud
286Pete Athas
287Dale Lindsey
288Jack Tatum RC
289Floyd Little
290Bob Johnson
291Tommy Hart RC
292Tom Mitchell
293Walt Patulski RC
294Jim Skaggs
295Bob Griese
296Mike McCoy DT
297Mel Gray
298Bobby Bryant
299Blaine Nye RC
300Dick Butkus
301Charlie Cowan RC
302Mark Lomas
303Josh Ashton
304Happy Feller
305Ron Shanklin
306Wayne Rasmussen
307Jerry Smith
308Ken Reaves
309Ron East
310Otis Taylor
311John Garlington
312Lyle Alzado
313Remi Prudhomme
314Cornelius Johnson
315Lemar Parrish
316Jim Kiick
317Steve Zabel
318Alden Roche
319Tom Blanchard
320Fred Biletnikoff
321Ralph Neely
322Dan Dierdorf RC
323Richard Caster
324Gene Howard
325Elvin Bethea
326Carl Garrett
327Ron Billingsley
328Charlie West
329Tom Neville
330Ted Kwalick
331Rudy Redmond
332Henry Davis
333John Zook
334Jim Turner
335Len Dawson
336Bob Chandler RC
337Al Beauchamp
338Tom Matte
339Paul Laaveg
340Ken Ellis
341Jim Langer RC
342Ron Porter
343Jack Youngblood RC
344Cornell Green
345Marv Hubbard
346Bruce Taylor
347Sam Havrilak
348Walt Sumner
349Steve O'Neal
350Ron Johnson
351Rockne Freitas
352Larry Stallings
353Jim Cadile
354Ken Burrough
355Jim Plunkett
356Dave Long
357Ralph Anderson
358Checklist 265-396
359Gene Washington Vik
360Dave Wilcox
361Paul Smith
362Alvin Wyatt
363Charlie Smith RB
364Royce Berry
365Dave Elmendorf
366Scott Hunter
367Bob Kuechenberg RC
368Pete Gogolak
369Dave Edwards
370Lem Barney
371Verlon Biggs
372John Reaves RC
373Ed Podolak
374Chris Farasopoulos
375Gary Garrison
376Tom Funchess
377Bobby Joe Green
378Don Brumm
379Jim O'Brien
380Paul Krause
381Leroy Kelly
382Ray Mansfield
383Dan Abramowicz
384John Outlaw RC
385Tommy Nobis
386Tom Domres
387Ken Willard
388Mike Stratton
389Fred Dryer
390Jake Scott
391Rich Houston
392Virgil Carter
393Tody Smith
394Ernie Calloway
396Fred Willis
397Curt Knight
398Nemiah Wilson
399Carroll Dale
400Joe Namath
401Wayne Mulligan
402Jim Harrison
403Tim Rossovich
404David Lee
405Frank Pitts
406Jim Marshall
407Bob Brown TE
408John Rowser
409Mike Montler
410Willie Lanier
411Bill Bell K
412Cedrick Hardman
413Bob Anderson
414Earl Morrall
415Ken Houston
416Jack Snow
417Dick Cunningham
418Greg Larson
419Mike Bass
420Mike Reid
421Walt Garrison
422Pete Liske
423Jim Yarbrough
424Rich McGeorge
425Bobby Howfield
426Pete Banaszak
427Willie Holman
428Dale Hackbart
429Fair Hooker
430Ted Hendricks
431Mike Garrett
432Glen Ray Hines
433Fred Cox
434Bobby Walden
435Bobby Bell
436Dave Rowe
437Bob Berry
438Bill Thompson
439Jim Beirne
440Larry Little
441Rocky Thompson
442Brig Owens
443Richard Neal
444Al Nelson
445Chip Myers
446Ken Bowman
447Jim Purnell
448Altie Taylor
449Linzy Cole
450Bob Lilly
451Charlie Ford
452Milt Sunde
453Doug Wyatt
454Don Nottingham RC
455Johnny Unitas
456Frank Lewis RC
457Roger Wehrli
458Jim Cheyunski
459Jerry Sherk RC
460Gene Washington 49er
461Jim Otto
462Ed Budde
463Jim Mitchell TE
464Emerson Boozer
465Garo Yepremian
466Pete Duranko
467Charlie Joiner
468Spider Lockhart
469Marty Domres
470John Brockington
471Ed Flanagan
472Roy Jefferson
473Julian Fagan
474Bill Brown
475Roger Staubach
476Jan White RC
477Pat Holmes
478Bob DeMarco
479Merlin Olsen
480Andy Russell
481Steve Spurrier
482Nate Ramsey
483Dennis Partee
484Jerry Simmons
485Donny Anderson
486Ralph Baker
487Ken Stabler RC
488Ernie McMillan
489Ken Burrow
490Jack Gregory RC
491Larry Seiple
492Mick Tingelhoff
493Craig Morton
494Cecil Turner
495Steve Owens
496Rickie Harris
497Buck Buchanan
498Checklist 397-528
499Billy Kilmer
501Bruce Gossett
502Art Thoms RC
503Larry Kaminski
504Larry Smith RB
505Bruce Van Dyke
506Alvin Reed
507Delles Howell
508Leroy Keyes
509Bo Scott
510Ron Yary
511Paul Warfield
512Mac Percival
513Essex Johnson
514Jackie Smith
515Norm Snead
516Charlie Stukes
517Reggie Rucker RC
518Billndeman Error
519Mel Farr
520Raymond Chester
521Fred Carr RC
522Jerry LeVias
523Jim Strong
524Roland McDole
525Dennis Shaw
526Dave Manders
527Skip Vanderbundt
528Mike Sensibaugh RC

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