1966 Topps Batman Black Bat Trading Cards

1966 Topps Batman Black Bat Trading Cards


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In 1966, Topps got a big case of Bat-mania, producing several sets in a row. The franchise was hugely popular, thanks in large part to the mega-hit TV show starring Adam West and Burt Ward. 1966 Topps Batman Black Bat is one of five Caped Crusader sets made by the company that year.

The 55-card checklist includes painted artwork from Norman Saunders, a hobby icon who also painted several other trading card sets including 1962 Topps Mars Attacks. Saunders is also known for his detailed work in pulp magazines, book covers and commercial ads. Much of the set sees Batman and Robin fighting some of the franchise's most notorious villains, like the Joker, Catwoman, the Riddler and Penguin. The images do a good job of showing lots of action, not to mention interesting gadgets.

The orange card backs have an extensive write-up. The right side of the card shows Batman running forward, similar to what's shown in the animated opening credits of the TV show. The top left corner has a Batman logo with the number.

1966 Topps Batman Black Bat gets its name from logo on the front that has the card's caption. Several of the Topps Batman sets have similar designs and can be tricky to tell apart at first glance. That is why many refer to the different colored logos.

The set was reprinted by Topps in 1989 as a part of a box set that came with the two other pulp-style 1966 Topps Batman sets. These cards have a glossy finish and are clearly marked as reprints.

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Set Checklist

1966 Topps Batman Black Bat Set Checklist

55 cards.

1 The Batman
2 Robin - Boy Wonder
3 The Bat Signal
4 Midnight Conference
5 Rooftop Vigil
6 Chloroform Victim
7 Grim Realization
8 Into the Batmobile
9 Face of the Joker
10 Crime Czar
11 Poison Pellet
12 Batman Strikes!
13 The Joker in Jail
14 Nightly Patrol
15 Batman in Action
16 The Penguin's Trap
17 Spikes of Death
18 Robin in Action
19 Fiery Encounter
20 Robin to the Rescue
21 Narrow Escape
22 Double-Cross
23 Umbrella Duel
24 Penguin Captured
25 The Cat Woman
26 Queen of Crime
27 Sinister Smile
28 "Let's Go!"
29 Robin Is Kidnapped
30 Fighting Back
31 Threat of the Cat Woman
32 Bat-a-Rang Bulls-Eye
33 The Enemies Clash
34 Deadly Claws
35 Cat Woman Defeated
36 The Riddler
37 A Trap for Batman
38 Robin Rescued
39 "To the Batcave"
40 Following the Clue
41 Time for a Rescue
42 Robin in Peril
43 The Bat-Gasmask
44 Flying Fists
45 Trap for the Riddler
46 The Bat-a-Rang
47 Deadly Robot
48 Monstrous Illusion
49 Decoy
50 Beastly Encounter
51 Flaming Welcome
52 Winged Giant
53 Race against Death
54 Whirlpool
55 Hidden Loot
1966 Topps Batman Black Bat Card

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