1964 Topps Beatles Diary Trading Cards

1964 Topps Beatles Diary Trading Cards


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1964 Topps Beatles Diary is one of seven trading card sets featuring the band released to North American audiences that year. Of these sets, 1964 Topps Beatles Diary is one of the more informative. However, a lack of variety in the card fronts also make it one of the more mundane releases.

Card fronts are very simple. They consist of a full-color photo and a small white border. The majority of the cards in the set either show the band on stage with their instruments or walking about the city. While there are glimpses of the band's personality on some of the cards, 1964 Topps Beatles Diary doesn't have nearly the same fun feel the three Black and White Series do.

1964 Topps Beatles Diary card backs have a blue border around the outside and a drawing of a piece of lined paper in the middle. The text consists of a first-person account as though it were written by either John, Paul, George or Ringo. The text doesn't necessarily match up with who is shown on the front.

As far as condition goes, centering is a common issue for the set. Cards are still somewhat readily available. Ungraded cards can be found for reasonable amounts.

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2716072411234040 1 Image
Beatles Topps TCG Diary Cards & 6 Others 19 Total Cards
3809989313764040 1 Image
2313356109444040 1 Image
1965 Topps Beatles Diary #24A NM-
2313356109454040 1 Image
1965 Topps Beatles Diary #13A NM-
2313356109474040 1 Image
1965 Topps Beatles Diary #35A NM
2313356109514040 1 Image
1965 Topps Beatles Diary #4A EM NM
2313356109524040 1 Image
1965 Topps Beatles Diary #27A NM-
2313356109544040 1 Image
1965 Topps Beatles Diary #10A NM+
2313356109554040 1 Image
1965 Topps Beatles Diary #55A NM-
3215257723564040 1 Image
1965 Topps Beatles Diary #8A NM
3215257723574040 1 Image
1965 Topps Beatles Diary #23A NM+
3215257723594040 1 Image
1965 Topps Beatles Diary #2A NM-
3215257723614040 1 Image
1965 Topps Beatles Diary #31A NM
1214408062854040 1 Image
Beatles Diary Topps 1964 Display Box 5x7 color photo
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1964 Topps BEATLES DIARY Complete Card Set - 61 Cards (INCLUDES ERROR CARD) VG+
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Set Checklist

1964 Topps Beatles Diary Checklist

60 cards. Checklist notes the band members on the card fronts.

1A John, Paul
2A John. Paul George, Ringo
3A John, Paul
4A Ringo, Paul, John, George
5A Paul, John, George, Ringo
6A George
7A Ringo
8A George, Paul
9A Paul, George, John, Ringo
10A Paul, Ringo, John, George
11A Paul, George, John
12A Paul, George, Ringo, John
13A George, Paul, John
14A Paul, George, Ringo
15A John, George
16A George, Paul
17A John
18A John, George, Paul
19A Paul, John, George
20A George, Paul
21A George
22A John
23A Paul, Ringo, George, John
24A John
25A Paul, George, Ringo
26A Ringo, George
27A Paul, George, John
28A Ringo
29A John
30A Paul
31A George, Paul, John, Ringo
32A George
33A Paul, Ringo, John
34A Paul, John
35A Paul, John, George, Ringo
36A Paul, George
37A Paul, George
38A Paul, John, George
39A John, Paul, Ringo
40A Ringo
41A George, John, Paul, Ringo
42A John
43A Ringo, George
44A Paul, Ringo, George, John
45A John, Paul, George
46A Paul, Ringo, John, George
47A George
48A Paul, George, Ringo, John
49A Paul, George, John, Ringo
50A Ringo, John, Paul, George, Lady
51A Paul, John, Ringo
52A John
53A Paul, Ringo, John, George
54A John, Paul, George, Ringo
55A Paul, John, George
56A Ringo, Paul, John
57A Paul, John, George, Ringo
58A Paul, George
59A John, Paul, Ringo
60A Ringo
1964 Topps Beatles Diary 33A Image

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