1962 Post Football Cards

1962 Post Football Cards

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While football cards are best known as a product of gum companies, they were issued with a wide variety of products over the years. In 1962, they were featured as part of several different brands of Post cereal boxes. Today, these cards present a challenge due to several short-printed cards and the skill of young fans using scissors to remove them from the boxes.

Card fronts are oriented horizontally and have two distinct parts. The right half features a posed player photo. The right side gives the information, beginning with a yellow football-shaped icon that contains the card number in the upper right-hand corner. The player's name is presented in black ink, followed by his team and position in red. Two or three lines of vital stats appear, then a biography of the player's career. A red Post logo appears in the lower right corner. The backs are blank.

There are 200 cards in the set, and all are NFL players. They are broken down alphabetically by team city and then the player's last name (with one exception: the Cowboys' Glynn Gregory). However, many of the cards were featured on unpopular or slow-selling cereal brands. As a result, those cards are tough to locate today. For team collectors, the short-prints are troublesome because every team has at least one.
Two cards feature variations. Card #57 and 74 are both found with either a black or red asterisk that indicates a trade.

Cards are found in a wide variety of sizes due to the way they were cut from the box. As they were printed, there was a solid black line around the entire card in the standard 2 ½ inch by 3 ½ inch size. Some owners cut inside the line, others cut outside it, and others still just cut them haphazardly. The cards cannot be assigned a number grade by third-party authenticators without the solid lines visible.

Several players featured in the '62 Post set never had a Topps card, and some predated their official rookie cards. Notable rookies in the set include Fran Tarkenton and Mike Ditka. Bob Lilly,Gene Hickerson, Larry Wilson and Jim Johnson have cards that pre-date their first Topps or Philadelphia cards.

Key 1962 Post Football Cards:

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  1. This set contains a handful of pre-rookie (RC) cards. All original cards are hand-cut, making excellent condition examples special.

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