1957 World Series Memorabilia Found in High School Ceiling

1957 World Series Memorabilia Found in High School Ceiling

Items have a tendency to disappear over time. Most can attest to having lost and later found valuable things throughout their lives. Often the items only have sentimental value. Susan Trotman, a maintenance worker from Duval County Public Schools, found a box of items in the ceiling of Wolfson High School that turned out to be a lot more valuable than items one would expect to find in a school.

While replacing ceiling tiles in a science lab, Trotman came upon an old dusty box that had been stashed away years before. The box contained a few trophies, a photograph and some old baseballs. Upon further inspection, the baseballs were determined to have been signed by the starting lineups of the 1957 World Series teams, the New York Yankees and Milwaukee Braves. The man in the photograph was Samuel Wolfson, who was at the World Series in 1957 and was able to acquire the signatures of all the starters from each team including such legends as Yogi Berra, Hank Aaron, Casey Stengel, Billy Martin, Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle.


The items in the box were brought to the school by Wolfson's son, Dennis, as part of a ceremony in the 1960s. When Susan Trotman informed the school's principal what she had found, Dennis was contacted and reunited with his long-lost items.

Wolfson High School is located in Jacksonville, Florida and is named after Samuel Wolfson. Wolfson was the former owner and president of the Jacksonville Suns, a minor league team that has been in existence since 1962 and is currently a double-A affiliate of the Florida Marlins.

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