1957 Topps Hit Stars Trading Cards

1957 Topps Hit Stars Trading Cards


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1957 Topps Hit Stars trading cards cover some of the decade's biggest names in music, movie and TV. While the concept has been used a lot over the years, it's one of the earlier Topps sets to tackle multiple facets of entertainment. The growth of rock 'n roll and the introduction of broadcast television make the set an important one as it touches on many important aspects of modern pop culture.

Elvis Presley, James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Bob Hope are just a few of the legendary names on the 1957 Topps Hit Stars checklist. In total, the set has 88 cards. Other notable names making early cardboard appearances include Debbie Reynolds, Little Richard, Sammy Davis Jr, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett and Buddy Holly, who is pictured with his band, The Crickets. While other subjects in the set have just one card, James Dean appears on four.

The 1957 Topps Hit Stars design is a simple one. The actor, musician or band is shown with a color photo, usually a shoulders-up portrait. A small white border surrounds it. The nameplate consists of a small icon with their name in it. Some also have a mention of a company they are connected to or a role. This icon differs depending on whether the subject is from music (a record sleeve), television (a TV set) and movies (a film strip).

Card backs use blue and red ink. Besides the name and number, which are both displayed boldly across the top, there is a lengthy writeup on the featured personality. Labeled "Facts," they're also accompanied by a small cartoon illustration. Cards state whether they're part of a series of either 62 recording stars (the first 62 cards in the set) or 37 movie and TV stars (numbers 63 and up). The math doesn't add up as the final checklist is 11 short of the stated 99 cards. A total of 88 cards were released.

1957 Topps Hit Stars James Dean 1957 Topps Hit Stars James Dean Back

Cards came in one-cent and five-cent packs.

Like sports cards, collectors can expect to pay a premium for top-tier celebrities like Dean and Presley. As a whole, though, 1957 Topps Hit Stars remains relatively affordable given the set's age and the fact that many of the featured subjects are making some of their earliest trading card appearances.

Top eBay Listings

James Dean "Hit Stars" Topps Card Circa 1950-60's


1957 Topps Hit Stars Card # 5 Jimmy Bowen

1957 Topps Hit Stars Card # 38 Ferlin Husky


LOT OF (8) TOPPS HIT STARS #s 40,55,67,68,74,78,79,84, NICE CONDITION!

1957 Topps Hit Stars #45 Janice Harper


1957 Topps Hit Stars Lot (3) #28 James - #43 Sands - #45 Harper

1957 Topps, Hit Stars, #43 Jodie Sands


1957 Topps Hit Stars #36 Teddy Randazzo Non-Sports Card 3h2

1957 Topps, Hit Stars, #43 Jodie Sands

1957 Topps Hit Stars #82 Guy Mitchell Non-Sports Card 3h2

1957 Topps Hit Stars #3 Al Hibbler Non-Sports Card 3h2

1957 Topps Hit Stars #7 Joe Turner Non-Sports Card 3h2
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Set Checklist

1957 Topps Hit Stars Checklist

88 cards.

1 Clyde McPhatter
2 Mickey & Sylvia
3 Al Hibbler
4 The Coasters
5 Jimmy Bowen
6 Johnny Mathis
7 Joe Turner
8 Clovers
9 Frankie Laine
10 Eydie Gorme
11 Guy Mitchell
12 Steve Lawrence
13 Chris Conner
14 The Drifters
15 The Four Aces
16 Tony Bennett
17 Debbie Reynolds
18 Teenagers
19 Screamin' Jay Hawkins
20 Ivory Joe Hunter
21 LaVern Baker
22 The Diamonds
23 The Bobbettes
24 Nick Noble
25 Bobby Darin
26 Four Lads
27 Jerry Lewis
28 Sonny James
29 Don Rondo
30 Ruth Brown
31 George Shearing
32 Vaughn Monroe
33 Buddy Knox
34 Nat King Cole
35 Little Richard
36 Teddy Randazzo
37 Frankie Laine
38 Ferlin Husky
39 Della Reese
40 Barbara Lang
41 Crew Cuts
42 The Cleftones
43 Jodie Sands
44 Sal Mineo
45 Janice Harper
46 Rhonda Fleming
47 Paul Anka
48 The McGuire Sisters
49 Jim Lowe
50 Fat Domino
51 The Crickets
52 The Chordettes
53 Jerry Lee Lewis
54 Gene Vincent
55 Andy Williams
56 Charlie Gracie
57 Roy Hamilton
58 Del Vikings
59 Elvis Presley
60 Platters
61 Jimmie Rodgers
62 Alan Freed
63 James Dean
64 John Saxon
65 James Dean
66 James Dean
67 Anita Ekberg
68 Burt Lancaster
69 Tony Curtis
70 Taina Elg
71 James Dean
72 Bob Hope
73 Anthony Perkins
74 Kirk Douglas
75 Betty Lou Keim
76 Warren Belinger
77 Gene Kelly
78 Sal Mineo
79 Pier Angeli
80 Cyd Charisse
81 Steve Allen
82 Guy Mitchell
83 Sammy Davis Jr.
84 Tony Curtis
85 Elizabeth Taylor
86 Jerry Lewis
87 Russ Tamblyn
88 Debbie Reynolds
1957 Topps Hit Stars Nat King Cole

Top eBay Listings

1957 Hit Stars #28 Sonny James PSA 8

1957 Hit Stars #44 Sal Mineo PSA 8

1957 Hit Stars #45 Janice Harper PSA 8

1957 Hit Stars #84 Tony Curtis PSA 8 NM-MT

PSA 8 James Dean 1957 Topps Hit Stars #65 NM - Mint Card Rebel Without A Cause

PSA 8 1957 Topps Hit Stars #72 BOB HOPE POP 12 NM-MT TV Comedy Legend RARE CARD

1957 Topps Hit Stars PSA 7 #34 Nat King Cole Graded 50's Rock Card Unforgettable

Sal Mineo PSA 8 1957 Topps Hit Stars #44 Graded Amazing 50's Card NM - Mint

PSA 8 1957 Topps Hit Stars #20 Ivory Joe Hunter Rare Card NM-MT 50's Non Sport

PSA 7 1957 Topps Hit Stars #33 Buddy Knox Rare Card 50's Non Sport NM

PSA 8 1957 Topps Hit Stars #55 Andy Williams Rare Card NM-MT 50's Non Sport

1957 Topps Hit Stars PSA 8 #64 John Saxon NM - Mint Graded Amazing 50's Card

Joe Turner Kansas City Jazz 1957 Topps Hit Stars card # 7 graded PSA 7 NM

LOT of 2 James Dean 1957 Topps Hit Stars Buddy Knox 33 63 IG PSA 5 6

1957 Topps Hit Stars #57 Roy Hamilton PSA 8 NM-MT Cert #23181838

James Dean 1957 Hit Stars #65 Graded BVG 7.5 NEAR MINT+ Highest Grade POP 1
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  1. Dean doesn’t command a relative premium for being a top tier celebrity because he has 4 cards in the set and they were double printed.

    The Buddy Holly by far has been the most expensive for the past few years.

  2. I have Crickets(Buddy Holly) James Dean Alan Freed Jimmy Rogers and more. Interested?

  3. I have a set available in excellent condition for $1500 if anyone is interested.

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