1957-58 Topps Basketball Cards

1957-58 Topps Basketball Cards


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Professional basketball was a much different spectacle during the 1950s. While baseball and football had been regularly featured in nationally-issued card sets since 1948, there hadn't been any major basketball issues since that year. Judging from the fact that this was a single series set that wasn't revisited by Topps for more than a decade, it's likely the company didn't see a lot of potential in the sport at that time.

Card fronts feature a picture of a player - sometimes posed, sometimes during game action - with two four-sided shapes below him. Inside the yellow block is his name, with the last name in larger letters. The blue- or red-colored block to the right contains a team name. A white border surrounds the entire card. The backs are well-designed for basketball cards. A hoop in the upper left contains the card number, with the player's name and team to its right. Below them are a few vital statistics, a short career write-up and the player's year/lifetime stats. To the right is a diagram showing the player's height.

1957-'58 Topps Basketball is considered to be fairly scarce. In order to fit an 80-card series onto a printing sheet, the pattern resulted in 30 single prints, 49 double prints and even one quadruple print (#24 Bob Pettit). The cards are notorious for being off-center and having snowy print-dots, making them frustrating for high-grade collectors.

Since this was the first major basketball set in nearly ten years, almost every player is appearing on his rookie card. The biggest of these is Bill Russell, but other significant players include Bob Cousy, Bob Heinsohn, Bob Pettit, Dolph Scahyes and Bill Sharman. All are early NBA legends.

Key 1957-58 Topps Basketball Cards:

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1957-58 Topps #17 - Bob Cousy (RC) - PSA 4 -- Celtics HoF Rookie (mikedenero)

1957-58 Topps Bill Russell Boston Celtics Rookie #77 SGC 5-4 Basketball Card

1957-58 Topps #31 Dave Piontek SGC 88+ NM-MT

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Set Checklist

1957-58 Topps Basketball Card Checklist

Card #Player Name
1Nat Clifton RC Double Print
2George Yardley RC Double Print
3Neil Johnston RC Double Print
4Carl Braun Double Print
5Bill Sharman RC Double Print
6George King RC Double Print
7Kenny Sears RC Double Print
8Dick Ricketts RC Double Print
9Jack Nichols Double Print
10Paul Arizin RC Double Print
11Chuck Noble Double Print
12Slater Martin RC Double Print
13Dolph Schayes RC Double Print
14Dick Atha Double Print
15Frank Ramsey RC Double Print
16Dick McGuire RC Double Print
17Bob Cousy RC Double Print
18Larry Foust RC Double Print
19Tom Heinsohn RC
20Bill Thieben Double Print
21Don Meineke RC Double Print
22Tom Marshall
23Dick Garmaker
24Bob Pettit RC QP
25Jim Krebs RC Double Print
26Gene Shue RC Double Print
27Ed Macauley RC Double Print
28Vern Mikkelsen RC
29Willie Naulls RC
30Walter Dukes RC Double Print
31Dave Piontek Double Print
32John / Red Kerr RC
33Larry Costello RC Double Print
34Woodyuldsberry RC Double Print
35Ray Felix RC
36Ernie Beck
37Cliff Hagan RC
38Guy Sparrow Double Print
39Jim Loscutoff RC
40Arnie Risen Double Print
41Joe Graboski
42Maurice Stokes RC Double Print
43Rod Hundley RC Double Print
44Tom Gola RC Double Print
45Med Park RC
46Mel Hutchins Double Print
47Larry Friend Double Print
48L.Rosenbluth RC Double Print
49Walt Davis
50Richie Regan RC
51Frank Selvy RC Double Print
52Art Spoelstra Double Print
53Bob Hopkins RC
54Earl Lloyd RC
55Phil Jordan Double Print
56Bob Houbregs RC Double Print
57Lou Tsioropoulos Double Print
58Ed Conlin RC
59Al Bianchi RC
60George Dempsey RC
61Chuck Share
62Harry Gallatin RC Double Print
63Bob Harrison
64Bob Burrow Double Print
65Win Wilfong Double Print
66Jack McMahon RC Double Print
67Jack George
68Charlie Tyra Double Print
69Ron Sobie
70Jack Coleman
71Jack Twyman RC Double Print
72Paul Seymour RC
73Jim Paxson RC Double Print Error
74Bob Leonard RC
75Andy Phillip
76Joe Holup
77Bill Russell RC
78Clyde Lovellette RC Double Print
79Ed Fleming Double Print
80Dick Schnittker RC

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  1. This set also includes the only card issued of Earl Lloyd in his playing career, and I believe the only card ever of the NBA’s first Rookie of the Year, Don Meineke.

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