1952 Berk Ross Baseball Cards

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Cards


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The follow-up to the 1951 release that included multiple sports, 1952 Berk Ross Baseball ditches the non-baseball subjects and pushes the checklist to the next level. Mickey Mantle is the top card in the set and other appealing Hall of Fame options include Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams.

Again featuring the "Hit Parade of Champions" title, 1952 Berk Ross Baseball cards are larger and the photo quality is better in comparison to 1951 Berk Ross. The 2" by 3" cards share a strong similarity to the 1951 Bowman design, including several of the same player images. The most notable example of this is Mickey Mantle, whose 1951 Bowman rookie card image is prominently featured in the Berk Ross set. However, the colorized black-and-white photos feature a tint that gives the cards a darker appearance and diminished clarity.

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Wrapper Pack

1952 Berk Ross Baseball card fronts are little more than an image, black frame and white border. Some cards feature the player's name in white cursive text. The backs are quite simple as well. A thin black frame, more or less aligning with the front, encloses basic player information. While Berk Ross is not specifically referenced and no copyright date is offered, the stats are noted as being from 1951. The cards are not numbered.

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Mickey Mantle1952 Berk Ross Baseball Mickey Mantle back

The overall checklist seems to confirm the 72-card was distributed around the New York-area as the New York Yankees, New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers are heavily covered and many of the other MLB teams have just one representative, if any.

One main difference for 1952 Berk Ross Baseball is that while the 1951 edition was sold in panel form, the 1952 product was issued as individual cards. The basic printing process, however, appears to have remained the same given that the cards showcase perforation remnants on both the top and bottom.

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Rizzuto bunting1952 Berk Ross Baseball Rizzuto swinging

Although there is not much complexity to the set, a few errors and variations are found in 1952 Berk Ross Baseball. Nellie Fox and Ewell Blackwell are matched to the wrong backs and there two different poses available for Phil Rizzuto. Both versions can be seen above.

1952 Berk Ross Baseball cards have seen an uptick in interest in recent years, and strong demand for high grades. These can be tougher to track down because of centering issues that plague the product.

Top eBay Listings

1952 Berk Ross Hank Bauer Hit Parade Of Champions Hall Of Fame New York Yankees


1952 Berk Ross #53 Bill Rigney EX+ J785481

1952 Berk Ross #71 Gus Zernial VGEX J785499

1952 Berk Ross Var #54 Phil Rizzuto Swinging VG J785500

1952 Berk Ross #54 Phil Rizzuto Bunting VGEX J785482

1952 Berk Ross #16 Bob Elliott VGEX J785446

1952 Berk Ross #29 Monte Kennedy VGEX J785459

1952 Berk Ross #62 George Spencer EX J785490

1952 Berk Ross #33 Bob Lemon EXMT+ J785463

1952 Berk Ross #56 Eddie Robinson EX+ J785484

1952 Berk Ross #22 Clint Hartung G J785452

1952 Berk Ross #31 Dave Koslo EX+ J785461

1952 Berk Ross #23 Jim Hearn EXMT J785453

1952 Berk Ross #35 Ed Lopat VGEX J785465

1952 Berk Ross #68 Wes Westrum EX J785496
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Key Cards

Key 1952 Berk Ross Baseball Cards

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Mickey Mantle

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Mickey Mantle

Jackie Robinson

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Jackie Robinson

Willie Mays

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Willie Mays

Ted Williams

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Ted Williams

Joe DiMaggio

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Joe DiMaggio

Top eBay Listings

1952 Berk Ross Phil Rizzuto Swinging SGC 5 EX 60 Yankees NYY HOF Hall of Fame

1952 Berk Ross Roy Campanella SGC 60 EX 5 Dodgers HOF Hall of Fame VINTAGE

1952 Berk Ross Joe Dimaggio SGC 1 POOR NY New York Yankees HOF #1368026-002

1952 Berk Ross Johnny Sain SGC 70 Ex+ 5.5 New York Yankees. Super Rare Low Pop

1952 Berk Ross Allie Reynolds New York Yankees SGC 50 VGEX 4 32367

1952 Berk Ross Phil Rizzuto New York Yankees SGC 60 EX 5 32369

1952 Berk Ross Hank Bauer New York Yankees SGC 80 EXMT 6 32363

1952 Berk Ross Eddie Lopat New York Yankees SGC 60 EX 5 32364

1952 Berk Ross Johnny Sain New York Yankees SGC 80 EXMT 6 32370

1952 Berk Ross Billy Martin New York Yankees RC Rookie SGC 60 EX 5 32365

1952 Berk Ross Johnny Mize New York Yankees SGC 30 Good 2 32366


1952 Berk Ross Ted Williams BVG 6 Ex-Mt Red Sox -- Best value on ebay!

1952 Berk Ross Mickey Mantle New York Yankees BVG Authenticated (crease on back)

1952 Berk Ross Ewell Blackwell #4 Baseball Card SGC 8

1952 Berk Ross VIC WERTZ signed autographed Deceased 1983 SGC Authentic
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Set Checklist

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Set Checklist

The unnumbered cards are listed in alphabetical order by last name.
1952 Berk Ross Baseball Mickey Mantle

Richie Ashburn
Hank Bauer
Yogi Berra
Ewell Blackwell - Photo Shows Nellie Fox
Bobby Brown
Jim Busby
Roy Campanella
Chico Carrasquel
Jerry Coleman
Joe Collins
Alvin Dark
Dom DiMaggio
Joe DiMaggio
Larry Doby
Bobby Doerr
Bob Elliott
Del Ennis
Ferris Fain
Bob Feller
Nellie Fox - Photo Shows Ewell Blackwell
Ned Garver
Clint Hartung
Jim Hearn
Gil Hodges
Monte Irvin
Larry Jansen
Sheldon Jones
George Kell
Monte Kennedy
Ralph Kiner
Dave Koslo
Bob Kuzava
Bob Lemon
Whitey Lockman
Ed Lopat
Sal Maglie
Mickey Mantle
Billy Martin
Willie Mays
Gil McDougald
Minnie Minoso
Johnny Mize
Tom Morgan
Don Mueller
Stan Musial
Don Newcombe
Ray Noble
Joe Ostrowski
Mel Parnell
Vic Raschi
Pee Wee Reese
Allie Reynolds
Bill Rigney
Phil Rizzuto - Bunting
Phil Rizzuto - Swinging
Robin Roberts
Eddie Robinson
Jackie Robinson
Preacher Roe
Johnny Sain
Red Schoendienst
Duke Snider
George Spencer
Eddie Stanky
Hank Thompson
Bobby Thomson
Vic Wertz
Wally Westlake
Wes Westrum
Ted Williams
Gene Woodling
Gus Zernial

Top eBay Listings

1952 Berk Ross Bob Feller PSA 8 (5565)

1952 Berk Ross Jackie Robinson PSA 6 (0075)

1952 Berk Ross Duke Snider PSA 8 (5762)

1952 Berk Ross Ted Williams PSA 5 (5564)

1952 Berk Ross Gene Woodling PSA 8 NM-MT

1952 Berk Ross MCDOUGAL Yankees PSA 8

1952 Berk Ross MAGLIE Giants PSA 9 o c

1952 BERK ROSS BAUER Yankees PSA 7


1952 BERK ROSS BUSBY White Sox PSA 7




1952 BERK ROSS DARK Giants PSA 8


1952 BERK ROSS FAIN Athletics PSA 6
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