1951 Topps Magic Football Cards

1951 Topps Magic Football Cards

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For its second set of collegiate football players, Topps went with a gimmick, incorporating scratch-off areas that hid the identity of the college the player represented.

This time, however, Topps went through the motions of producing a set of cards that could be issued in its own wax package along with a slab of gum. They were made larger (2 1/16 inches by 2 15/16 inches) and were available singly inside penny packs or as three perforated two-card panels to a nickel pack. The cards that were issued in panel form are often found with tabs at the top or bottom.

Card fronts feature a colorized action shot of a player. At the bottom of the picture is a black box that contains his name, position and team nickname. A thick black line and then a white border surround the photo. The backs are oriented vertically, with a card number in the upper left corner. The player's name runs along the top, followed by his age, height and weight. A short write-up about the player appears, along with a picture of his school's mascot and a question about which school he attends. When the cards originally came out of the package, the bottom half of the back was covered with a scratch-off surface that covered a picture of his school grounds.

There are 75 cards in the set. Cards that still have the scratch-off surface present are given a premium over those that have been scratched. Intact two-card panels are very rare.

The set's key card features Heisman trophy winner Vic Janowicz. Babe Parilli, Bill Wade, George Young, Marion Campbell and Bert Rechichar are also rookies found in the set.

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