1950 Topps Felt Backs Football Cards

1950 Topps Felt Backs Football Cards

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Topps' first all-football issue is one of its least-known and understood sets. The date may not even be correct, since it's likely the cards first appeared late in 1949. However, since it was sold through 1950, that year has been given to the set.

Topps sold these cards along with pieces of Varsity gum. Rather than simply including a stick of gum in a card pack like other card makers did, these were included as extras with the gum. And they're really small as a result, measuring approximately 7/8 of an inch (yes, that's less than one inch) by 1 7/16 inches. During the process of cutting up the sheets, the dimensions were handled sloppily, so the cards are often found with slightly different sizes.

Every card shows a collegiate player. Fronts feature a player image with a black box below. The box contained a name, a position and a school. The player was set against a solid background. Backs are made of felt - hence the set's name - and feature a pennant for the player's college.

There are 100 cards in the base set. Originally, the cards came in four background colors with 25 cards each having a different background (Blue, green, red and brown). During the print run, an ink change substituted the brown backgrounds for yellow. As a result, 25 cards have either a brown or yellow background. The yellow backgrounds are the tougher variation, but some collectors have claimed the brown ones can be nearly as tough to find as well.

The key card in the set pictures legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno, who was then a quarterback at Brown University. Other first-time players include Heisman winner Leon Hart, Dan Towler and Ernie Stautner. Some players had been featured in the 1948 Leaf set, so not every card features a rookie on it.

Key 1950 Topps Felt Backs Football Cards:

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1950 Topps Felt Back Football Frank Mayata SGC 60 5

1950 Topps Felt Back Football Bernie Kreuger SGC 60 5

1950 Topps Felt Backs Al Malekoff (Yellow) Rutgers - PSA 7 - Nice!

James O'Day 1950 Topps Felt Back NM 7

1950 Topps Felt Backs Joe Paterno Rookie PSA 3

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Set Checklist

1950 Topps Felt Backs Football Card Checklist

Card #Player Name
1Lou Allen
2Morris Bailey
3George Bell
4Lindy Berry HOR
5BASEMike Boldin Brn
5Mike Boldin Yel
6BASEBernie Botula Brn
6Bernie Botula Yel
7Bob Bowlby
8Bob Bucher
9BASEAl Burnett Brn
9Al Burnett Yel
10Don Burson
11Paul Campbell
12Herb Carey
13BASEBimbo Cecconi Brn
13Bimbo Cecconi Yel
14Bill Chauncey
15Dick Clark
16Tom Coleman
17Billy Conn
18John Cox
19Lou Creekmur RC
20Richard Glen Davis RC
21Warren Davis
22Bob Deuber
23Ray Dooney
24Tom Dublinski
25Jeff Fleischman
26Jack Friedland
27Bob Fuchs
28Arnold Galiffa RC
29Dick Gilman
30BASEFrank Gitschier Brn
30Frank Gitschier Yel
31Gene Glick
32Bill Gregus
33Harold Hagan
34Charles Hall
35BASELeon Hart Brn
35Leon Hart Yel
36BASEBob Hester Brn
36Bob Hester Yel
37George Hughes
38Levi Jackson
39BASEJack.Jensen Brn
39Jack.Jensen Yel
40Charlie Justice
41Gary Kerkorian
42Bernie Krueger
43Bill Kuhn
44Dean Laun
45Chet Leach
46BASEBobby Lee Brn
46Bobby Lee Yel
47Roger Lehew
48Glenn Lippman
49Melvin Lyle
50Len Makowski
51BASEAl Malekoff Brn
51Al Malekoff Yel
52BASEJim Martin Brn
52Jim Martin Yel
53Frank Mataya
54BASERay Mathews Brn RC
54Ray Mathews Yel RC
55BASEDick McKissack Brn
55Dick McKissack Yel
56Frank Miller
57BASEJohn Miller Brn
57John Miller Yel
58Ed Modzelewski RC
59Don Mouser
60James Murphy
61BASERay Nagle Brn
61Ray Nagle Yel
62Leo Nomellini
63James O'Day
64Joe Paterno RC
65Andy Pavich
66BASEPete Perini Brn
66Pete Perini Yel
67Jim Powers
68Dave Rakestraw
69Herb Rich
70Fran Rogel RC
71BASEDarrell Royal Brn RC
71Darrell Royal Yel RC
73Nick Sebek
74Herb Seidell
75BASECharles Shaw Brn
75Charles Shaw Yel
76BASEEmil Sitko Brn RC
76Emil Sitko Yel RC
77EdButch Songin RC
78BASEMariano Stalloni Brn
78Mariano Stalloni Yel
79Ernie Stautner RC
80Don Stehley
81Gil Stevenson
82Bishop Strickland
83Harry Szulborski
84BASEWally Teninga Brn
84Wally Teninga Yel
85Clayton Tonnemaker
86BASEDan Towler Brn RC
86Dan Towler RC Yel
87BASEBert Turek Brn
87Bert Turek Yel
88Harry Ulinski
89Leon Van Billingham
90Langdon Viracola
91Leo Wagner
92BASEDoak Walker Brn
92Doak Walker Yel
93Jim Ward
94Art Weiner
95Dick Weiss
96Froggie Williams
97Robert Red Wilson
98Roger Red Wilson
99Carl Wren
100BASEPete Zinaich Brn
100Pete Zinaich Yel

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