1933 Tattoo Orbit Baseball Cards

1933 Tattoo Orbit Baseball Cards

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The name of the set is a little misleading. The cards were issued in 1933 by Orbit Company of Chicago inside one-cent packages of Tattoo gum. However, the names have been merged together in hobby lore for decades, probably due to Jefferson Burdick or another early hobbyist writing something down that way. In any case, there is nothing on the cards themselves to identify the maker or brand name, so the cards have been overlooked by a lot of collectors.

Tattoo Orbit cards are 2 inches by 2 ½ inches, which make them slightly smaller than most 1930s gum cards. Card fronts feature a slightly tinted black and white player picture against a vivid stadium background. That background is unique because it uses bright red, yellow and green, which often focus the viewer's eye away from the player. Backs are as simple as possible without being blank: a name, team, position, date of birth, height and weight are the only items listed. There aren't any numbers, trademarks or advertisements to help identify the maker to a collector.

There are four cards that appear to have been short-printed and are scarcer than the rest. Irving Hadley and George Blaeholder seem to be the toughest, followed by Ivy Paul Andrews and Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby.

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