1933 George C Miller Baseball Cards

1933 George C Miller Baseball Cards

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Although lumped in with gum cards due to its 1933 print date and catalogued as such, George C. Miller & Co. issued their cards along with toffee. They also used them as part of a promotion where kids could redeem a complete set for prizes.

Each team is represented by two players, so there are 32 cards in all. Fronts are multi-colored and feature a painted picture of a player against a generic background. Backs have that player's name, team and other personal info above a checklist of the complete set. The explanation of the promotion appears at the bottom, where a set could be traded for a regulation baseball, a glove or a ticket good for a regular-season baseball game at a nearby park.

In order to limit the number of items to be given away, the card of Yankee pitcher Ivy Paul Andrews was short-printed. Furthermore, when the cards were sent in, they were cancelled either by cutting off part of the bottom or having holes punched in them and then returned to their owner. As a result, many cards are found in less than pristine condition. That said, they're rare and sell well even if they're not complete.

Key 1933 George C Miller Baseball Cards:


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1933 George C Miller Al Simmons SGC 30 2
3809790586414040 1 Image
1933 George C Miller Charlie Grimm SGC 10
3809790586764040 1 Image
1933 George C Miller Frank Frisch SGC 30
1312744991684040 1 Image
1933 George C Miller Goose Goslin SGC 10
1312744991974040 1 Image
1933 George C Miller Joe Cronin SGC 10
3809790588814040 1 Image
1933 George C Miller Joe Stripp PSA 2
3809790589084040 1 Image
1933 George C Miller Lloyd Waner SGC 10
3809790589984040 1 Image
1933 George C Miller Paul Waner SGC 10

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