10 Must Have Randy Moss Minnesota Vikings Football Cards

10 Must Have Randy Moss Minnesota Vikings Football Cards

1. 1998 Playoff Contenders Ticket #92 Randy Moss Auto /300 ($300-$1,000)

The Contenders is the best Randy Moss card ever printed and would immediately be the centerpiece of any serious Moss card collection. The low print run of 300 makes it not only expensive to buy, but also hard to find. Due to the ink used to sign the card and the easily de-minted purple border on half the card, it's acceptable to purchase one that's not in perfect condition, unless your willing to fork out anywhere from $700-$1500 for BGS 9.5 or PSA 10.

2. 1998 SP Authentic #18 Randy Moss RC /2000 ($100-$200)

This is my favorite Moss card, it's both affordable and appealing, it will also appreciate in value extremely well over the years. The card design is far more appealing than the Contenders, featuring bold colors, foil, and a horizontal layout. Also, it's easy to forget that the 90's was the decade of sports card excess, meaning a print run of 2000 in 1998 translates to a print run of 250 or so in the year 2010. The best way to purchase this card is through eBay auctions rather than a "Buy it Now". If you do your homework, you could end up paying $100 for one that could grade out above a BGS 9. Another added bonus is that Moss doesn't have a 1998 autographed card that carries the "RC" tag, with that considered, the SP Authentic is by far Randy's best true Rookie Card.

3. 1999 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Autographs #16 Cris Carter/ Randy Moss ($200-$350)

The Passing the Torch Cris Carter/Randy Moss dual is the only non-1998 card to make the list. This is one of the most sought after football cards in Vikings history, as is it is one of only two Carter/Moss dual autographs ever printed, the other is in 2008 Triple Threads. The cards features Carter's Autograph on one side and Randy's on the other. This one is expensive to pursue, but is one of the hobbies best hidden treasures.

4. 1998 Bowman Rookie Autographs #A7 Randy Moss ($150-$250)

You can't go wrong with either the 1998 Bowman or 1998 Topps Randy Moss autographed cards. Little differentiates the two, with the Bowman worth slightly more. The shiny foil used on the card makes it slightly more appealing than the Topps Autograph. But again, very little separates the two, the Bowman tends to go for 10%-20% more than the Topps Auto.

5. 1998 Upper Deck Encore UD Authentics #RM Randy Moss ($100-$200)

This is one of Randy's most underrated cards, as it features his best on-card. A thick, bold marker was used to sign the Authentics. The card design is simple, but works perfectly. Consider this one to be in the same boat with his Topps and Bowman autographs. I've seen this card go for as low as $40-$50 recently, granted the trade should boost the sale value drastically, but all in all, this is one of the safest and best Randy's a collector can invest in.

6. 1998 Topps Autographs #A1 Randy Moss ($100-$200)

The Topps Autographs is one of the safest Randy rookie year auto's to purchase, as anything that carries the Topps brand name is usually a safe bet to appreciate, with the exception of un-circulated (re-circulated) and Rookie Premiere Autographs made prior to 2010 (easily faked). Choosing between the Bowman, UD Authentics, and Topps auto's really comes down to personal preference. The one issue I've noticed with this card is that the auto tends to fade easily, but this was a common issue during the 90's and isn't the end of the world.

7. 1998 SP Authentic Player's Ink Green #RM Randy Moss ($80-$160)

The SPA Player's Ink Randy Moss Autographs is perhaps the sharpest looking of his 1998 auto's, it's also one of his cheapest and easiest to find. Like his SP Authentic base RC, the horizontal layout makes it stand out in a stack of cards. The green version can be found on eBay for $60-$150 based on the condition of the card.

8. 1998 SkyBox Premium Autographics #57 Randy Moss ($150-$250)

Autographics is one of the most beloved inserts of the 1990's. Though Skybox's innovative Autograph series is more commonly associated with basketball (96-97). Never the less, the card should appreciate nicely due to this fact. This one also features Randy in a Marshall uniform, which would make it a nice catch for college football fans.

9. 1998 SPx Finite #239 Randy Moss RC /1998 ($40-$80)

The SPx Finite is the lowest numbered Randy Moss true rookie card, but the fact that there were 2 less of this card made than his SP Authentic RC doesn't make it a better card. The SPx Finite is easily Randy's 2nd Best true RC, but lacks the card design and can't top SP Authentic's tradition. That said, the SPx Finite is a fantastic value, costing anywhere from $20-$60. When the dust settles on the 90's, cards with low print runs and autographs will be the last cards standing, making the SPx Finite a great investment Moss RC.

10. 1998 Score Rookie Autographs #24 Randy Moss /500 ($100-$200)

The Score Rookie Auto is Randy's second lowest numbered 1998 non-parallel Auto. Like the Autographics Auto, this one also features Randy in his Marshall uniform, which means it might appeal more to College collectors than Vikings Collectors. The low print run of 500 makes this a safe Moss to invest in.

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1998 SP Authentic Randy Moss Rookie RC Stamped #1950 2000 Bgs 9.5 Gem Mint!

High End 1998 SP Authentic Players Ink RANDY MOSS Auto RC PSA 10 Gem Mint POP 11

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