10 Most Collectible Goalies of All-Time

10 Most Collectible Goalies of All-Time

The men behind the mask are alluring to collectors. Maybe it's because you can't see their faces all the time. Perhaps it's because they have rubber bullets fired at them for 60 minutes a night. Either way, goaltenders are sometimes overlooked compared to the NHL's offensive juggernauts.

Still, there are some goalies that stand above the rest. These men who stand between the pipes every game are some of the biggest stars and fan favorites the game has ever had. This has translated into some tremendous hobby love.

10. Carey Price

Carey Price is one of the top young goaltenders in the league today. He plays for a team that's rich in tradition and has fans around North America. Price has plenty of cards already, many of which top prices of any other current goalie. While this may partly be due to hockey prospecting, there is no denying that Carey Price is one of the most highly collected goalies today.

2007 08 Upper Deck Hockey Carey Price 212x300 Image

9. Georges Vezina

Georges Vezina does not have many trading cards on the market and that is a shame. However, the more than $100,000 paid for his 1911-12 C55 rookie is amongst the highest ever paid for a hockey card.

1991 92 ProSet Georges Vezina 214x300 Image

8. Dominik Hasek

"The Dominator" dominated the NHL in the 90s. This was also a period in which the hobby was at a high point. Known for his ability to make acrobatic saves, he quickly became a fan and collector favorite. There are many Hasek cards to collect and a ton of collectors who still chase them.

2004 05 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Auto Patch Dominik Hasek 260x184 Image

7. Grant Fuhr

Being a Canadian-born goalie on a Canadian team is one thing. Leading that Canadian team to five Stanley Cups is another. Grant Fuhr did all that and more for the Edmonton Oilers. Playing with the great Wayne Gretzky during the Oilers' dynasty years helps as well. But his performances over those years speak for themselves. His penchant for winning titles and his Hall of Fame status make him one highly collectible goaltender today.

2010 11 Playoff Contenders Legendary Contenders Grant Fuhr 214x300 Image

6. Jacques Plante

Jacques Plante was a revolutionary goalie. Not only was he able to win six Cups, he was the creator and developer of some of the first masks worn by goaltenders. While he does not have many cards to his name, he is still collected widely. Also, his contributions to the sport has helped influence entire sets based on mask designs.

1961 62 Parkhurst Jacques Plante 260x172 Image

5. Ed Belfour

Eddie "The Eagle" Belfour went from an undrafted goaltender to one that now is enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame. After a rookie season in which he won both the Calder and Vezina Trophies, he continued to earn the hardware and love from the fans. Collectors love him as well, showing particular excitement for his autographed cards.

2011 12 Upper Deck The Cup Limited Logos Autograph Ed Belfour 260x185 Image

4. Tony Esposito

A pioneer of the butterfly style of defending the net, "Tony O" was one of the best in net during the 70s. He led the Blackhawks to the 1969 Stanley Cup and won three Vezinas in his career. A legend in Chicago, collectors continue to flock to the goaltending pioneer.

1972 73 O Pee Chee Canada Tony Esposito 211x300 Image

3. Terry Sawchuk

One of the best goalies of all-time, Terry Sawchuk was a winner. He won over 500 games and celebrated four Stanley Cups. Sawchuk won four Vezinas and is a Hall of Famer. It's only natural that one of the best goaltenders of all-time would be one of the most highly collected, despite him not having many cards in modern sets. His early death at the age of 40 makes his memorabilia and autographs even harder to find. Collectors are always eager to get their hands on his collectibles.

1953 54 Parkhurst Terry Sawchuk 204x300 Image

2. Martin Brodeur

Marty Brodeur has had a long and successful career in the NHL, winning multiple Stanley Cup titles with the New Jersey Devils. The league's all-time leader in wins and shutouts is a hot commodity in the hobby. The fact that he has played his entire career with just one team has helped as well. With cards that span decades, Martin Brodeur is one of the easiest players to collect in the league.

2011 12 Panini Titanium Reserve Martin Brodeur Autograph 216x300 Image

1. Patrick Roy

Not only is "Saint Patrick" one of hockey's most collected goalies, he's also one of the game's most collected players -- period. With a career that started in the hockey mecca of Montreal, he brought Stanley Cup championships to both the Canadiens and, later, the Colorado Avalanche. In both cities he was a major fan and franchise favorite. Like Brodeur, Roy has had cards spanning decades. He continues to appear in sets today and his signature is a cornerstone of any release.

1986 87 O Pee Chee Patrick Roy RC 211x300 Image

Special Mention: Vladislav Tretiak

Tretiak was a wall for the USSR throughout the 70s and 80s. He won multiple gold medals and was a major player on the international scene. Drafted by the Canadiens, a move to the NHL was blocked by the Soviet government. Despite having never played professional hockey in North America, Tretiak's autographs are relatively rare and command strong prices on the secondary market.

2008 09 Upper Deck Masterpieces Bruskstrokes Red Vladislav Tretiak Autograph 213x300 Image

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1713410562724040 1 Image
2013-14 ITG In The Game-Used "Autothreads" AUTO Jersey AT-PR2 Patrick Roy 10
3609710092394040 1 Image
1913309564664040 1 Image
1986-87 PATRICK ROY Topps #53 Rookie Card member Hall of Fame RC BGS 8.5 NM-MT+
3511694425724040 1 Image
Patrick Roy 1999-00 Pacific Gold Crown Die-Cut #11 NM-M
2909682544164040 1 Image
3607281298114040 1 Image
2215304236504040 1 Image
2012-13 Limited PATRICK ROY #5 50 Autograph Winners Auto Stanley Cup
1414079670814040 1 Image
1993-94 UPPER DECK SP INSERTS #81 Patrick Roy*Graded BGS 9.5 Gem Mint
1310317096704040 1 Image
3214998156264040 1 Image
1809654996244040 1 Image
1996-97 Pinnacle "SCORE" # 1 Patrick Roy ARTIST PROOF
1514120133094040 1 Image
23 OPC OPC Premier Durivage Panini Cards# 1992 ´93 MONTREAL CANADIENS
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