Top 10 Selling Sports Card and Trading Card Hobby Boxes

Top 10 Selling Sports Card and Trading Card Hobby Boxes

Rankings Based on eBay Sales for the Week of March 15-21.

It shouldn't be much of a surprise that when you're measuring something in quantity, lower-priced items usually outsell expensive ones. It's a bit trickier when you enter the world of cards and collectibles, but the same general principle applies. With that in mind, 2015 Topps Opening Day Baseball, one of the few remaining modern products to boast a $1 per pack price point, takes the top spot in this week's list of top-selling hobby boxes online.

Opening Day has never been about autographs, memorabilia or other high-end features. You'll find a few sparsely inserted, but the focus is really on fun and affordability. This comes through in most of the inserts like mascots, Team Spirit and the 3-D Opening Day Stars. Even the variations, although tough to pull, use fun photos.

2015 Topps Heritage Baseball is starting to drop off from its predictable hot release, but it's still moving well. The perennial favorite comes in in second place.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the week is 2014 Bowman Chrome Baseball. After falling out of the top ten a couple of weeks ago, it has surged all the way back up to third. Apparently the two autographs and low price continue to be a draw, even several months later.

Another reasonably priced baseball release, 2015 Donruss Baseball, debuts in fourth. Its deep checklist focuses primarily on the brand's roots, both in the base set and the inserts. The variations have collectors looking a little closer as well.

2014 Topps Chrome Football continues to hold in there as well, dropping from second to fifth.

Two other products make their debut this week as well. An abundance of autographs from Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston propels 2015 Leaf Metal Draft Football into ninth while 2015 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 shows up in tenth.

Sports Card and Trading Card Hobby Box Best Sellers

List based on quantity of completed eBay sales closing between March 15-21.

Click on the set names or box images to shop for hobby boxes on eBay.

1. 2015 Topps Opening Day Baseball

Last Week: n/a

2015 Topps Opening Day Baseball Box

2. 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball

Last Week: 1

2015 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Box

3. 2014 Bowman Chrome Baseball

Last Week: 6

2014 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Box

4. 2015 Donruss Baseball

Last Week: n/a

2015 Donruss Baseball Box

5. 2014 Topps Chrome Football

Last Week: 2

2014 Topps Chrome Football Hobby Box

6. 2015 Topps Series 1 Baseball

Last Week: 3

2015 Topps Series 1 Hobby Box

7. 2014 Topps Fire Football

Last Week: 9

2014 Topps Fire Hobby Box

8. 2014 Bowman Draft Baseball

Last Week: 5

2014 Bowman Draft Hobby Box

9. 2015 Leaf Metal Draft Football

Last Week: n/a

2015 Leaf Metal Football Box

10. 2015 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1

Last Week: n/a

2015 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 Box

Top eBay Listings


2014 Topps Chrome Football Factory Sealed Hobby Box

2014 Bowman Draft Picks Baseball Hobby Box


2014 Topps Fire Football Factory Sealed Hobby Box

2014 BOWMAN CHROME BASEBALL HOBBY BOX auto rc jose abreu julio urias kris bryant

2014 BOWMAN CHROME BASEBALL HOBBY JUMBO BOX auto rc jose abreu urias kris bryant









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Ryan's collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection. Ryan can be found on Twitter @tradercracks and Google+.

User Comments

  1. How about the Top Ten selling Bowman
    Autos, Ryan.

  2. Lee C. » We did something similar a couple weeks back covering the top early sales from the set and a real-time hot list:

  3. Picked up a 2013 Topps Archive booster box and pulled an RGIII jersey card. It has the retro 1962 look. Go Topps!

  4. I really believe if Panini could get baseball rights they and not Topps would be king of cards. Bolstered by strong customer service versus one that is really hard to even call it that, Panini is outdoing Topps everywhere else. It is unbelievable the horror stories I continue to read everyday on twitter and elsewhere about Topps and what cards they are sending people in place of redemptions when requested by customers. It’s basically thievery and really pathetic. While I do like alot of their baseball stuff and a few others I just can’t get past that. And for over 25 years 95% of my collection was Topps. I think that is what makes me angry about it all.

  5. Scott » Wow. I strongly disagree. If Panini had the MLB exclusive rights the hobby I would sell every website and card I won because it would only be a matter of time before they destroyed the hobby’s ecosystem. Topps has managed to create an environment in which they are very careful not to overproduce, thereby decreasing the value of their cards. Panini does the exact opposite – they sell as much as they can but only end up selling a few

  6. Thanks for the link Ryan !

  7. Hey Mike, Topps doesn’t over produce? I must be living in another world.

  8. To Mike,

    Thank you for the insight! I’ve never heard anyone explain in clarity the process that creates a demand in products and the same in prices. If there isn’t one already, of which I’m sure there is, I would love to read a column on the site in regards to this topic! If there is a column, could you leave a link for me?

    Thank you,


  9. Toshi – Thanks for the feedback. We have some existing articles that cover various aspects of this subject, but we have a new section in the works that will take things to a whole new level and provide a combination of guides and real-time, actionable information.

  10. Kevin – First let me preface my response with a few things:

    A) I’m referring to Topp’s last few years of releases. I can’t speak to before that. And they were just as guilty of overproduction as Upper Deck, Fleer, and Donruss were in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

    B) By saying they aren’t overproducing, I mean they do the best job of walking the line between supply and demand. You could certainly argue that they produce too many products, but the marketplace as a whole wants that many products. If they didn’t, Topps wouldn’t make them as they would lose money.

    This is not my opinion or my personal preference, nor is it speculation or gossip. I have worked in the industry for the last 5 years, during which time my livelihood has depended on my ability to understand the mechanics and financial intricacies of the sports card industry’s economy. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know and work with dozens and dozens of the Industry’s most influential and successful entrepreneurs and business professionals. I’ve also seen seen market research, dealer, and box breaker case studies that correlate to the that further backed this up.

    Overall I think Panini did a very poor job of creating consistently high quality products and an even worse job of forcasting demand for their products from the time they purchased Donruss until this last year. I think they really have begun to round the corner. During the Industry Summit in March they displayed a list of their various products that had sold out. There were around a dozen from what I remember. That still leaves a lot of room for improvement, but the fact that they have acknowledged the problem and appear to be dedicated to continuing to improve in very encouraging and the hobby will be that much better for it.

    With all that said, buy the products you enjoy most! My comments aren’t intended to put a damper on anyone’s card collecting fun, but rather to empower each of our readers by giving them as much information and insight as possible so that they get the most for their hobby dollar.

  11. I was back collecting in the early 90’s and overload of products made me leave collecting. The unreal rookie football class of last year and the great improvement of the quality of photographs has got me back for more.
    I appreciate Mike and all the comments and have a question, will there ever be choices again in our choices of NBA card products?

  12. If yall think Momentum fb is outselling Finest you are CRAZY! Momentum is the worst football product EVER!

  13. This week Finest will out-sell Momentum, but, as mentioned in the article, the list is based off of sales from Aug. 6-12.

  14. Brooks Bryant » And remember, this isn’t some sort of a guessing game where we roll the dice and randomly select products that we like or think should be selling best. The products are ranked based purely off of completed sales data from eBay. So it’s not that we “think” Momentum is outselling Finest. We know it was outselling Finest because… well it outsold Finest. But like Ryan said, it was based off of eBay sales for 8/6 to 8/12.

    No doubt that Finest will obliterate Momentum in our next weekly rankings update though so we are in agreement there. Topps’ biggest competition right now is really itself. It will be interesting to see how it does in comparison with Topps Inception Football, not to mention Allen & Ginter and Bowman Inception. Topps has dominated the Top 10 list since we started doing the list. They usually will occupy the top 5-7 results. But there was one week where I think they accounted for 9 of the 10 best selling boxes in the industry.

  15. hi my name is thomas george and im a 60 year old disabled man i want to put some card books togeather and give them to sick kids in the hospitals i would like to know if you would like to donate some mixed boxes of cards or some binders and top loaders please email me back im in spokane wa thank you for your time ps im only asking for a one time donation

  16. you guys should put together an overall top sales iist for the year..

  17. I don’t think any of the companies should have exclusive rights to baseball. Topps has always been my favorite for baseball cards but sadly I have to admit this. Since they have had exclusive rights to baseball they have become a huge ripoff.

    I am a working stiff and cannot afford huge purchases at this time on jumbo boxes and the like. So far I have been able to buy two blaster boxes of the 2014 Topps from Wal-Mart. While I like the Topps set design very much as always I will say this. Their blaster boxes are a huge rip-off. I did not pull a single individually numbered card out of either and only got two of the new ruby refractors. The inserts I recieved were garbage.

    Also, the team selection was horrible. I am a Cubs fan and out of two blaster boxes pulled exactly three Cubs cards all base.

    I thought last years Bowman and Topps boxes were a huge rip-off but this year they have definately outdone themselves on that so far. I always loved Topps Cards growing up as a kid but now I must say having exclusive rights to baseball has only caused them to exclusively rip off the small budget collector who buys baseball cards because he loves the hobby.

    Get real Topps!! I miss Donruss and Fleer now!!

  18. In my opinion, Topps did a decent job of inserting some nice “hits” in 2014 series 1 hobby and jumbo packs and boxes.There seems to be a better assortment of high end autographs and autographed relic cards, but you do have to be a little lucky to find the better “case” or the more collectible players that most people want. All of the parallels and different colored borders are a little redundant and aggravating, especially if you purchase retail packs and boxes. It would be nice if topps inserted some more nice hits in retail packs. For the most part, I feel the retail product is kind of crappy; although the hobby boxes are pretty fun to open.

  19. The long story short of it (if you are a TOPPS retail collector) *especially series 1; the ONLY WAY TO BUY RETAIL IS ‘HANGER PACKS’ GUYS – NOT BLASTER BOXES [don’t get me wrong the special inserts *extra card – manufactured rookie patch cards & commemorative patches are nice BUT that’s about all you get with those MASS PRODUCED BOXES….

    I have purchased my regular ‘jumbo box’ for “kicks” and to complete the set (which you can by the way buying ‘jumbo’) – just an FYI if your a set collector. Quick summary of 10 hanger boxes [equiv. to a jumbo box price], results are as followed: 1st box right off the gun – SP Sparkle of (148) Chris Sale & (250) Miguel Cabrera #22/50 + a few other nice pulls. Then the results of the other 5 (from different Walmarts btw fellas) were an AUTO of (TA-EG) Evan Gattis, trajectory relic (TR-MT) Mike Trout, walmart retail blue border (1) Mike Trout, 1989 Mini Die-Cut (TM-28) Mike Trout….and then the SP CARDS JUST KEPT FLOWING (the following ALL WERE PULLED FROM HANGER BOXES!!!!)
    14 Yoenis Cespedes – spraying champagne
    57 Yadier Molina – w/ teammates
    148 Chris Sale – sparkle
    150 Andrew McCutchen – black jersey
    166 Dustin Pedroia – dugout
    204 Adrian Gonzalez – near fans
    331 Yasiel Puig – hands on hips
    375 Adam Wainwright – w/ Molina
    475 David Ortiz *Ski Googles
    So this is just a summary of some of the ‘nice pulls’ I have received. My God’s honest true, the hanger packs have more variety if you ask me….
    Good Luck pulling guys!

  20. Since when is Star Wars a Sports Box?
    Game of Thrones ? Marvel? Please stick with REAL Sports. TY.

  21. Lee C. » They’re included as there is a lot of crossover among collectors. There is still plenty of sports on there and on any given week, at least 9 of the slots are sports.

  22. Mike, 5 years in the industry is nothing. I’ve chased autographs and been opening different products for almost 30 years now.

    Your perception of Topps is not supply/’s the only one with a official license. And their cost to make card or box or case is so minimal that they could make double the products and people would still buy it up.

    As I’ve stated in another post, period, leaf trinity is the best product their is. The idea whomever came up with was genius! Yes it’s expensive which turns off tons of young kids trying to make a fast dollar instead of collecting like it used to be in the idk, 80’s/90’s! Not just pull and look for the best player and throw it up on eBay before someone else does!

    I remember in 97 playoff contenders coming out and pulling a quad(non-auto) of sanders/aikman/rison/Deion sanders and being offered $400 the moment I pulled it. I still have it today and would be lucky to get $50 for it. It’s gradeable, which I may do..and see what if any value it its just been sitting in the same case/container since then.

    Period, too many products plus too many inserts/variations means too much of one thing. Heck I bought the Heritage this year and still don’t have a complete base set…the only thing I pulled was a Matt Adams auto & 2 black backs of Adam jones & Todd Frazier & I can’t even get offers on them. And those are supposedly sp of 10? Any confirmation on that by the way?

    Either way..they’ve just turned a product like bowman into to many prospects that will never make it to the bigs and added to many colors and autos of those colors…hence too much product and horrible odds of getting someone you, I, anyone prefers. The only ones making money are Topps and case breakers!

  23. On the German version of eBay (

    Trading Cards
    American Football (4.646)
    Baseball (349)
    Basketball (7.961)
    Eishockey (20.633) (NHL:12.500)
    Fußball (Soccer) (78.500)

    78.500 soccer cards compared to 349 baseball cards. There is no market here for baseball cards and I order most of the basketball cards from the US as well.

  24. Blowmans..
    if the adam jones SP is still around id like to make an offer. please post a link. no comment on the license wars going on other than this; I wish topps had some competition so they couldn’t just rest on their laurels. if, in two years, mlb extends the license, I think you will see tops starts to sweat and change format.

  25. and by extend, I mean to other companies. thus, competition for designs, signers, etc.

  26. Where is the best sellers or top 10 cards

  27. What tips would you have for a new beginner?

  28. caden » Our How-To section has tons of articles.

  29. Sure seems like even Action Packed or Pro Set could top the list this week LOL

  30. will cards in 2 boxes of NBA HOOPS 2014-2015 the same?


  31. Maurice » Exactly the same? Probably not. But you will likely have doubles.

  32. Is topps going to do the wrapper redemption for hobby wrappers this year?

  33. Jay Middaugh » Nothing has been announced. They didn’t do any last year either.

  34. I think kris Bryant’s dominant showing so far in spring training has quite a bit to do with 2014 bowman chrome selling a bit better as of late.

  35. John » Very true.

    Leave a Comment: